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  • vidaXL Auger Drill Steel 60 mm
    $27.99 $37.99 -26%
  • vidaXL SDS Drill Bit Chisel Set with Metal Case 17 pcs
  • vidaXL Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit 26 x 400 mm
    $29.99 $63.99 -53%
  • vidaXL Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit 63 x 400 mm
    $47.99 $60.99 -21%
  • vidaXL 82 x 400 mm Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit
    $43.99 $51.99 -15%
  • vidaXL Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit 44 x 400 mm
    $25.99 $38.99 -33%
  • vidaXL 3-Piece HSS Step Drill Set
    $22.99 $30.99 -26%
  • vidaXL Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit 32 x 400 mm
    $34.99 $43.99 -20%
  • vidaXL 102 mm x 400 mm Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit
    $43.99 $59.99 -27%
  • vidaXL 132mm x 400 mm Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit
    $67.99 $84.99 -20%
  • vidaXL Auger Drill Steel 80 mm
    $28.99 $40.99 -29%
  • vidaXL Auger Drill Steel 100 mm
    $42.99 $54.99 -22%
  • vidaXL Auger Drill Steel 150 mm
  • vidaXL dry and wet Diamond Core Drill Bit 120 x 400 mm
    $62.99 $71.99 -13%
  • vidaXL 150 x 400 mm Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit
    $80.99 $100.99 -20%
  • vidaXL 180x400 mm Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit
    $80.99 $103.99 -22%
  • vidaXL 50x400 mm Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit
    $40.99 $54.99 -25%
  • vidaXL 170-Piece Twist Drill Bit Set in Metal Box HSS
    $75.99 $99.99 -24%
  • vidaXL 110mm x 400 mm Dry and Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit
    $56.99 $78.99 -28%
  • vidaXL 170-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set in Metal Box HSS TI
    $81.99 $96.99 -15%

Buying guide

For those who love to “do it yourself”, drilling machines form a formidable weapon for them. Without drills, most of the work cannot be done and you have to have the complete set. You can shop individually or as kits, but shop online so you can make precise purchase decisions.

4379-cordless-drillingWhat to look for in drilling machines?

Cordless and corded drills

There are essentially corded drilling machines and cordless drilling machines. The former are obviously easier to handle because you don’t have wires dangling all over. The common corded drills are hammer drills, angle drills, impact drills and drill drivers and the common cordless drills are hammer drills. 

Drill bits

Along with drilling machines, you should also look to buy drill bits. These are interchangeable and are available with most drills. The most common types of drill bits are high-speed bits, lip and spur bits, TCT masonry bits, augers and titanium coated bits. Depending on what you intend to drill through, you just need to choose the right bit.

Choose the right drill and save power

The higher the voltage rating of a drilling machine, more powerful it is. But this also means more power consumption. Thus, you should consider your requirement and buy a drilling machine that is apt for your jobs. This will help you save on power usage.


4379-drilling-with-gearsHow to choose a drilling machine according to your need?

Buy drill press for stability

Consider to buy one of the drill presses that you can mount on a surface and work. These drills are extremely important for your workspace where you may need to stand and work on drilling. You get many portable models in these drills that grip the surface (where the drill is mounted) so that you get complete stability when working.

Buy a kit to be assured

If you are not sure about which of the drilling machines you should buy, it is a good idea to opt for a kit. The drilling kits typically have a combination of drills that can be used for different purposes.

Drilling machines with gears

If you are looking to do some intense and complicated drilling, then choose drills with gears. As you shift the gears, the drilling job becomes easier for you – just think about how a vehicle moves with the help of gears and you will understand the analogy with geared drilling machines.


4379-laser-drillingWhat are the most popular drilling machines?

The Dewalt DC608K is a cordless drilling machine that allows you to drill through hardened surfaces. It is an extremely effective drilling machine that offers full stability while you use it.


The The M18 FUEL 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Kit is extremely powerful wrench. It delivers up to 1,100 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque and maximum fastening torque of 700 ft-lbs and has double the usual runtime.


The KC-116FC King 13" Floor Drill Press with Dual Laser Guide System is a 16-speed drill press with a light socket on the head for accurate drilling. 


With your complete set of drilling machines, no drilling work will be out of bounds for you. Go through the various drilling machines displayed in the online catalogues to make your list. The online stores section the products beautifully so that you can make your choice easily and then shop.

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