There are so many options that choosing a particular dress becomes a rather huge challenge. When you consider the fashion world, you can easily figure out that this industry thrives for women. If you are looking for a perfect wardrobe, you need to buy dresses for all occasions. Online shopping is a huge bonus in this regard. Read buying guide

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  • Bebe Nightfall Maxi by BEBE
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  • Bebe Calla Lily Dress by BEBE
  • Hzjundasi Hanfu Dress for Women - Ancient Chinese Style Tang Suit Princess Chaise Dress Performance Costume Red
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  • Tigerlily Women's NOELANI SILK MUMU, Multi, 6
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  • R & M Richards Sequined Cape Sheath Dress
  • Xscape Plus Size V-Neck Gown
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  • Xscape One-Shoulder Sequin Gown
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  • X by Xscape Capelet Sheath Dress
  • X by Xscape Capelet Sheath Dress
  • R & M Richards Sequined Lace Sheath Dress and Jacket
  • Alex Evenings Petite Sequin Lace Gown
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  • Sl Fashions Metallic-Trim Capelet Sheath Dress
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  • Sl Fashions Plus Size Rhinestone Chiffon Dress & Capelet
  • Xscape One-Shoulder Sequin Gown
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  • Sl Fashions Metallic-Trim Capelet Sheath Dress
    $115.01 $135.56 -15%
  • Alex Evenings Cold-Shoulder Draped Metallic Gown Regular & Petite Sizes
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Buying guide

Many shopping sprees can become nightmarish when the dress you thought fits perfectly does not fit you at all, or the color that you love the most suddenly became unflattering. It will be easier if you know your body type. This will make choosing the dress that will flatter your shape a breeze. Knowing how to dress according to your figure will give you the confidence for everything you do and every occasion. Having this knowledge will save you time, keep you fashion-forward and let you get your shopping done sooner. 

Choosing your Women’s Dresses


Size has to be the most important consideration

Size, size, size… if you don’t get this right, you are ruined. Women’s dresses are, above all, about the right fit. No matter how expensive a particular dress is, if it doesn’t fit you properly, always prefer choosing one that fits your body curves and reveal them. Some women have reservations about shopping online for dresses because they are not sure about the size and the fit. However, it is now possible to measure sizes and fits online (some online stores offer 3D images) and so, shopping for women’s dresses should not be an issue for you.


Get your basic dresses

Before you start splurging on expensive women’s dresses, it is important that you get some basic dresses. It is not everywhere that you are expected to dress in a fashionable manner. There are certain social occasions where dressing modestly is the norm. Such occasions could include business get together events and other professional events where you rub shoulders with other professionals.


Amazing dresses to stand out the crowd

Everyone seems to notice what a woman wears, especially in social gatherings. So, you need to have some of those special women’s dresses that make you stand out in the crowd. It is important that you invest in a few such extravagant dresses because you are not expected to show up in the same attire in more than a couple of social occasions. Extravagant dresses are not necessarily only from Armani, Gucci, YSL, D&G and Dior and the likes. When you visit some of the top online stores for women’s dresses, you are bound to come across excellent original models of dresses that are within your budget.


Keep up with the latest trends in women’s dresses

The trends in women’s fashions change with every season and it is important that you know what the current trend is. And the best part of this is that you don’t need to spend money to know about the latest fashion in women’s dresses. There are enough online fashion sites and magazine sites that tell you exactly what you should wear this spring or summer or whatever the season is.


Create and stick to your own style

It is important that you don’t always imitate others when it comes to purchasing women’s dresses. Yes, you do feel like dressing up like a celebrity now and then, but limit this desire of yours. Be yourself and buy what you are comfortable wearing, women’s dresses that look good on you. It is a great idea to develop a signature style of your own, something that others can associate with. When you plan to buy women’s dresses, think, “What dress should I wear to feel comfortable on it, what color looks the best on me, and what shape should I choose to put my best foot forward?”.

Finding the perfect dress for your form


There are five kinds of dresses and these are the Maxi Dress, Sundress, Shirt dress, Wrap dress, and Sheath dress.

Maxi dress


The Maxi dress extends below the bust line to the ground. A Maxi dress looks like a halter strap sundress, but instead of an ordinary hem, a maxi dress has ruffles. Maxi dresses are flattering for you if you have a Pear shape figure.



The sundress is a very fashionable dress. It is either in a spaghetti or halter strap and is usually worn during the casual days at the mall and at the beach. Sundresses usually have colorful prints so you must not over accessorize them. If you have a slender or tall figure, the sundress is flattering and will soften your strong frame.

Shirt dress


A shirt dress is easy to indicate. This is a combination of a skirt and polo with sleeves and collar. The shirtdress is being usually worn for formal events like church proceedings and business meetings. The shirtdress is very easy to wear because you only need pearls or a scarf to accentuate this dress. The below-the-knee shirtdresses will be perfect for petites and hourglass figures while the full-length shirtdresses are perfect for tall and slender women.

Wrap Dress


A wrap dress is a staple in a woman’s closet since this kind of dress can fit and flatter all types of bodies. The wrap dress exudes elegance and is even frequently worn by the famous actress Meryl Streep. A wrap dress flatters every lady’s figure and is frequently worn in the office as well.

Sheath dress


A sheath dress is usually strapless, form-fitting, and extends just above the knee. A sheath dress can be worn in the morning and in the evening with your trusted pearls. A sheath dress is worn by those women with inverted triangle and apple figures to accentuate their shoulders, and also by petites to make them look taller. But, just like the wrap dress, the sheath dress can also flatter every figure.

The Anatomy of Fashion on Prints and Pieces


Not all dresses will fit your figure, especially of you are a petite, so tending the length of a dress must be done. You must also be aware of the dresses with stripes as prints. A horizontal stripe will make you look wider, hence this is recommended for slender, tall, and petite figures. A vertical stripe will make the wearer look leaner and taller so this print is recommended for those who have petite, hourglass, apple, and pear figures.


For the inverted triangle body type, choose the dress with a v-neck and floral prints to soften your frame.


For the athletic figure, wear dresses with puffed-out skirts so that it can balance-out your strong frame. It is also recommended that you wear dresses with floral prints to also soften your figure.


When accentuating a dress, consider its print. You do not want to overkill a certain dress by too much accessorizing. You have to balance the frame of your body by wearing flattering dresses according to your figure and by checking the colors of your dresses if it fits the season, the occasion, and your accessories.
Always remember the saying “less is more” for this will save you from catching everyone’s attention - in a bad way.

To be Fashionable Means Being Yourself


For you to become fashionable you must know how to mix and match trends and blend them with your own version of style. Check out fashion magazines since they always will give you new ideas. But do not forget the clothes that fit your figure and make you comfortable. You do not have to be a model to be fashionable. At the end of the day, feeling confident and comfortable are the only two factors you should keep in mind. Don’t be afraid to be creative and to experiment!


Best women’s dresses on the market


Look for some cotton dresses for the coming summer. There is still time for you to shop for summer dresses, but it’s not a bad idea to start looking now. You will have a fair idea as to what you want. Consider women’s dresses like the Charming Breast ruche design V-neck sleeveless cotton maxi or the scoop neckline casual slimming style color matching weave embellished sleeveless cotton chiffon maxi or the scoop neck stripe print cotton color block sundress.


Looking for women’s dresses for some special occasions? You have plenty to choose from. Just have a look at the dresses including the Gabby Skye satin dress or the Julian Taylor fit & flair dress or the Papillon Anne dress in gray and black and you are bound to be impressed by your spendid shape on the miror.


There are some evergreen women’s dresses that you can sport on almost any occasion. Some of the finest dresses in the classic style are Tinydeal casual chiffon purity exotic Bohemian style mini sleeveless dress for women, Raviya maxi ombre dye halter dress in turquoise and Twik lace collar dress for women.


Fancy looking sexy? A sable shirt dress or the Urban X Danita tunic or the UGown Nina dress in green is going to make you look and feel absolutely sensuous. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, you are going to make heads turn.

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