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Any pet is a little bundle of joy. If you have a pet, you would know how much love you get from dogs, cats and other pet animals. A pet is that member of the family who doesn't expect anything from you except love and good care. Pets are like children, totally dependent upon you. Taking care of your pet is your responsibility, and you should always be perfectly equipped for it. Read buying guide

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  • Sentinel Spectrum Chews Very Small Brown 6 Pack | Sentinel Dog Flea&tick Control | Pet Supplies
  • Sentinel Spectrum Chews Large Blue 6 Pack | Sentinel Dog Flea&tick Control | Pet Supplies
  • Revolution Cat Blue 6 Pack | Revolution Cat Flea&tick Control | Pet Supplies
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs Small 0-10kg
  • Greenies Original Large Dog Dental Treats 340G | Greenies Dog Treat&&litter | Pet Supplies
  • Greenies Original Regular Dog Dental Treats 340G | Greenies Dog Treat&&litter | Pet Supplies
  • Bayer Advantix for Dogs XLarge 25-50kg
  • Kiltix Tick And Flea Collar Each | Kiltix Dog Flea&tick Control | Pet Supplies
  • Comfortis Tab 810Mg Blue 6 Pack | Comfortis Dog Flea&tick Control | Pet Supplies
  • Advocate Dog 10-25Kg Red 6 Pack
  • Advantix Dog Large Red 3 Pack | Advantix Dog Flea&tick Control | Pet Supplies
  • Valuheart Heartworm (Blue) Small Dogs
    $16.00 $24.56 -35%
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs Extra Large 40-60kg
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs Medium 10-20kg
  • Pfizer Revolution for Cats
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs Large 20-40kg
  • Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews - Small Dogs 4-11kg - 6 Pack
  • Advocate Cat Small Orange 6 Pack | Advocate Cat Flea&tick Control | Pet Supplies
  • Greenies Blueberry Dental Chews Regular
    $18.17 $25.95 -30%
  • Bayer Advantix for Dogs Medium 4-10kgs
  • Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews - Very Small Dogs up to 4kg - 6 Pack
  • Huds and Toke Crazy Dog Bones Mix Pack - 40p
    $39.95 $59.99 -33%
  • Huds and Toke Big Doggy Love Hearts No Melt - 5p
    $6.95 $10.99 -37%
  • Huds and Toke Crazy Dog Bones Mix Pack - 4p
    $6.95 $10.99 -37%

Buying guide

Choosing your pet care


Don’t act without researching

Most importantly, don’t use only your feelings when it comes to pet care. We love to do many things for our pets, but they are not always advised. Wouldn’t you love to feed lumps of sugar to your pet dog? Everyone does. But is it right? It is not. But if you have a pet horse, a lump of sugar doesn’t harm it and it falls more in love with you. Hence, depending on the pet you have, you first need to know about the dos and don’ts of pet care. You should learn which pet care supplies are meant for your pet and shop accordingly, and forums can be the perfect place to search for info.


Use a collar for training

It is extremely important that you are able to train your pet properly. One option is to hire a trainer. These people do fantastic jobs of training pets. But you can also train your pet yourself. One of the most important pet care supplies that you will need to train your pet is a collar. A tug on the collar tells your pet what is right and what is not. When your pet is trained properly, you may replace the collar with a harness.


Get the right food

You have to be extremely careful about choosing the food for your pet. Not every food item is meant for them. Depending on the pet you have, you need to buy food accordingly. The online stores are filled with pre-packaged food for your pet and shopping from these stores is the safest option. Make sure you follow the instructions on the package and buy the right food: for example, non salty food is the best for cats suffering from urinaty problem. Here, ask your vet what kind of food you should buy. He may also recommend you a special brand. 


Keep the accommodation comfortable

Accommodation is another important element of pet care. When you have a dog, it is best to create a nice and cosy bed for it. If you have a cat, a litter in your home is a must. For pet fish, you need an aquarium and for reptiles, you have a wide range of terrariums to choose from. But only buying the accommodation will not do. You need to buy other accessories so that your pet is comfortable. For example, if you have a reptile as your pet, you need to arrange for a source of heat inside the terrarium. You will also need to create some hiding places because reptiles love to hide.


Groom your pet and keep it looking fresh

You need to groom your pet at regular intervals. This would mean bathing and shampooing and brushing and so on. If your pet is not groomed, it is not going to look good. Moreover, there will be stinky all over your home. You may not feel it because you get habituated staying with your pet, but someone coming from outside can be seen wrinkling their nose. Moreover, your pet dosn't like having a bad hygene neither and when it is old or indoor all the time, it requires your help to wash his hairs with the appropriate products. Always go for products specially designed for its specie.


Pets love toys

Toys are pet care accessories that many people ignore to buy. Pets love to play with toys and you will love seeing your pet having fun and exercising at the same time. It is a totally stress free experience.


Which pet care for which use?


Your dog supply will largely depend on the breed of dog that you have. Every packaged pet food product clearly mentions that type of dog the contents are intended for. For instance, when you buy the Bayer Advantix dog food, you are able to see that there are separate products for small, medium and large breed dogs. For pet cats, there is again a wide range of cat food items available. Don’t forget to go through the label so that you buy the right product.


Grooming products for pets include hair brushes, trimmers, soaps and shampoos and many other products. To manage the hair of your pet, you should look at FURminator de-shedding tool. The Dermcare Pyohex shampoo is an excellent shampoo for your dog. If you have a pet sheep, look for the electric sheep grooming clipper comb. The options are just too many.


As far as the beds are concerned, choose from a wide variety and only keep in mind that your pet’s comfort should be the first consideration. If that means buying a hard bed, so be it.

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