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  • EZCool 1.5"" Mini Digital Photo Frame Key Chain USB2.0
  • EZCool 1.5 inch Mini Digital Photo Frame with Key Chain and Screen Cover [DPFEZC1.5INKSILV
  • Qpix 15" Digital LED Photo Frame with Remote (PF-1501)
  • Qpix 10" Digital LED Photo Frame with Remote (PF-1005)
  • Qpix 7" Digital LED Photo Frame with Remote (PF-7005)

Buying guide


Choosing Your Digital Photo Frame


Each day, technology continues to evolve and change. As a result, there are more and more lifestyle options available. A good example of this is the digital photo frame. Instead of showing only one image, a digital photo frame displays more than one photo. These photo frames enable you to effectively display more than one photo in your home without increasing the space occupied by the frame on the wall or shelf.

You can use digital photo frames in your sales office to display products or in photo studios to display some of the photographers work. They can also be used in wedding receptions to display photographs of the bride and bridegroom.

Are you looking for a good way toshow case your photographs? Digital photo frames are a great idea for your family or office. All you need is digital photographs, a memory card or USB thump drive.


Make sure that the images are in jpg format. Load the images into the thump drive and plug it to your digital photo frame. Select how you wish to display your photographs. Either one photo or use slide share to display all the photographs loaded in your memory card or thump drive.

Digital photo frames are very popular. This means that there are hundreds of them to choose from. Every technology company is extensively marketing its own digital photo frames. For a new buyer, it is challenging to make a choice of which frame to buy.

For you to choose the best digital photo frame in the market, all you need is to read this guide keenly.


Factors to consider when purchasing a digital photo frame


There are a number of factors to consider when buying a digital photo frame. 

Photo frame size


There are different sizes of digital photo frames. Some have a diagonal size of 7 inches, 10 inches, 12inches or even 20inches. When buying one, ensure you know the required size of the digital photo frame that will fit well either in your shelve or available wall space. The best digital frames are the larger sized ones of up to 8inches.


digital photo frame Image orientation


Image orientation varies depending on the digital frame chosen. Some frames display photos only in landscape and others display in portrait. Some frames have an accelerometer which enables the frame to detect the way it is currently oriented and display photographs in either portrait or landscape as required.  If you intend to purchase a digital photo frame, you need to define the type of image orientation you need, then get a frame that suits your needs.






Functionality and features


These photo frames have a wide variety of features. Before committing to purchase any digital photo frame, ensure it has these basic features. Various image switching graphics, choices for image sorting, different image styles including size, auto image enhancement, better speed of image replacement and intro images or sound.

Ensure that it has a strong frame. Frames that surround the screen of digital photo frames are made of different materials. They can be made of plastic, glass or metal.

The above listed features make the digital photo frame to function better.

Aspect ratio and resolution


When purchasing a digital photo frame, go for one with high resolution. Resolution determines the number of pixels, vertically and horizontally, the frame should display.High resolution of about 800 x 600 pixels is good for displaying your high quality photos. These high definition photo frames are available and can display your images in crystal clear form.

The choice of aspect ratio depends on the kind of camera used to take the photo graphs. Most point and shoot cameras have aspect ratio of 4:3 and high end and DSLR cameras have aspect ratio of 16:9. 

Ensure that the choice of your choice of frame resolution matches the aspect ratio of your camera. Wrong resolution choice may make the photo frame leave black bands on some parts of the image or cut off part of the image.


digital photo frame

Image quality


Image quality is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a photo frame. Go for the digital photo frame that has non-reflective screen. This type of screen will display your images well. For those frames whose screen is placed under a piece of glass, you may need anti-glare coating as this type of screen creates a bit of glare


Built-in storage and Connectivity

Most digital photo frames have an inbuilt storage that allows you to store images which is advantageous. The ideal memory size in such frames is 512MB. This means that the user will not need a memory card or USB drive.

Most digital photo frames offers various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WI-FI, and USB. This allows the user to transfer images from the computer to the photo frame. Bluetooth allows a wireless connection to mobile phone or camera to transfer photos.


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  • EZCool 1.5 inch Mini Digital Photo Frame with Key Chain and Screen Cover [DPFEZC1.5INKSILV
  • EZCool 1.5"" Mini Digital Photo Frame Key Chain USB2.0

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