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When they choose their computer desk, buyers have numerous options to consider. They include design, ergonomics, materials and size. The decision also needs to have consideration of whether to choose a ready-to-assemble unit or a pre-assembled piece to avoid hassle of their handling. Here is a guide to buy a computer desk having all the info: Read buying guide

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  • Tempo 2 Desks 150cm Office Workstation by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (OF590)
  • Stylus 160cm Executive Desk with Single Face Top Cabinet - Left Return - White by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (OT350-OT355)
  • DXRacer Gaming Desk
  • Ergotron StyleView Laptop Cart, SV40 SV40-6100-0
  • Ergotron WorkFit-B, Sit-Stand Base, HD 24-388-009
  • Ergotron WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation (white) 33-397-062
  • vidaXL Corner Desk Grey 145x100x76 cm Chipboard
    $275.99 $382.99 -28%
  • Ergotron StyleView Medical Laptop Cart SV41-6100-0
  • Ergotron WorkFit-D Adjustable Standing Desk 24-271-926
  • Ergotron Neo-Flex Laptop Computer Cart 24-205-214
  • Ergotron LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk 24-458-200
  • Ergotron WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation (black) 33-406-085
  • Foldable and Convertible Fold Away Wall Desk (DESK-WALL-WH)
    $139.97 $169.95 -18%
  • Tempo 2 Desks 150cm Office Workstation by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (OF590)
  • vidaXL Desk with 4-Tier Bookcase Oak
    $240.99 $333.99 -28%
  • vidaXL Writing Desk 110x50x76 cm Solid Reclaimed Teak
  • vidaXL Desk with Drawer and Cabinet Oak 100x40x73 cm
    $174.99 $190.99 -8%
  • vidaXL Corner Desk 4 Shelves Oak
    $346.99 $492.99 -30%
  • vidaXL White Writing Desk with 5 Drawers
    $369.99 $429.99 -14%
  • Three Drawers Drawing Table with Stool (VXL20088)
    $229.95 $389.95 -41%
  • MRF - Custom Made COT340 4 Seater 3.2m Office Desk (cf) (OT340)
  • MRF - Custom Made CSR01-SN Fabric Floor Screen - Light Grey - 140cm (H) (cf) (SR01-SN)
  • MRF - Custom Made COT197-M 1.95m Executive Office Desk Right Return - Zebra Oak (cf) (OT197-M)

Buying guide

Whalen Newport Wood and Glass DeskSelecting the Best Computer Desk

Laptop VS Desktop

Desktop computers are often quite sturdy, heavy and large and they need a strong computer desk having a back to support the PC tower.

Laptops users will be happy with any desk, but you should always keep in mind that having a large desk helps a lot in staying organized!

Desk Size

The size varies from one desk to the other. The dimensions of desks are normally decided after taking measurements of the space to be occupied and weight of the system.


Star Laptop Cart with Printer Shelf, BlackChoose your Desk Shape

Even though rectangular desks are always in demand, they might not be as efficient as people think. The selection is actually based on what you need- whether you are in search of corner desks, workstations and hutch desks.

Hitch Desks

These computer desks are suitable for people who have limited space with vertical emphasis. Hitch desks can extend in upward direction instead of moving outward in order to maintain the compact floor presence.

Corner Desks

Corners desks are designed to place the PC at one side of the room. These desks are normally smaller in size but you will find some units that can occupy larger space. Whalen Newport Wood and Glass Desk is an amazing product in this category! (photo 1)


These desks are light in weight and small having built-in wheels for maximum mobility. Workstations are suitable for users who used to rearrange the furniture for adding some new and refreshing look. Star Laptop Cart with Printer Shelf, Black is a reliable and strongly built workstation you can get for cheap. (photo 2)


Choose your Desk Material

Yes, desk material plays an important role in the selection. It affects visual appeal, price and weight of the desk, like when we talk about wooden desks, they are well-constructed and can serve for a longer period of time. Therefore, they are quite costly and buyers prefer to have plastic-made desks. However, metal desk can be the perfect solution: they can be lightweight and will last year after year.

Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk is a fantastic metal desk you'll keep for decades. It has great style and benefits from Ergotron' top expertise. (photo 3)


Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand DeskReady-to-Assemble or Pre-Assembled Computer Desks

Computer desks are available either as ready-to-assemble or pre-assembled units. Both forms have their own advantages and disadvantages that have to be understood by the buyers, before they make any choice.

Ready-to-Assemble Desks

Buyers have to put the pieces together with provided bolts and screws to organize things in the required manner. The desks are comparatively cheaper and delivered in narrow, long boxes to enable buyers easily carry them in their vehicles.

Pre-Assembled Desks

It involves high level of craftsmanship because it is constructed with professional supplies and tools at the factory or workshop. Though, they are costly than ready-to-assemble desks and need a delivery truck or special moving van for transportation.


Desk Ergonomics

Pull-Out Keyboard Tray       

Buyers should always search for the pull-out keyboard trays in order to maintain a 90-degree angle of their wrists.

Elevated Shelves

Elevated Shelves are needed to enable monitors maintain their posture so that users can look directly at the required angle.

Height Adjustment

There are some computer desks that can be lowered or raised to adjust the level of working surface.


Shop online for your computer desk

Buyers can log on to Shopbot to find different computer desks with affordable prices and high quality. They will definitely find something of use there! Moreover, our merchants are delivering high quality products in your region.

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