Denim Men's Jeans & Trousers

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  • Destroy Wash Long Straight Ripped Denim Pants
    $60.98 $101.63 -40%
  • Zip Fly Distressed Denim Jumpsuit
    $58.59 $92.01 -36%
  • ZAN.STYLE Knee Length Denim Shorts
    $16.82 $55.66 -70%
  • Nudie Jeans Unisex-Adult Skinny Lin Dry Deep Orange Jeans - Blue - 26W x 34L
  • Next Signature Textured Suit: Trousers - Denim - Mens 32R
  • 5.11 Tactical Men's Defender-Flex Slim Work Jeans, Patch Pockets, Fitted Waistband, Style 74544
  • WT02 Mens Stretch Denim Pants Jeans - Green - 42W x 32L
  • Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean, Antique Wash, 31X32
  • 5.11 Tactical Men's Defender-Flex Slim Work Jeans, Patch Pockets, Fitted Waistband, Style 74471
  • ZLZ Slim Fit Jeans, Men's Younger-Looking Fashionable Colorful Super Comfy Stretch Skinny Fit Denim Jeans (28, White)
  • Nautica Men's 5 Pocket Straight Fit Stretch Jean, Pure Adriatic Sea Wash, 34W 32L
  • Lee Men's Dungarees Carpenter Jean, Retro Stone, 38W x 36L
  • Alta Designer Fashion Mens Slim Fit Skinny Denim Jeans - Light Gray - 32
  • Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean, Stonewashed, 40X36
  • Lee Mens 20095 Premium Flex Denim Regular Fit Jeans - Blue - 36W x 34L
  • Nudie Jeans Men's Tight Terry Ever Black, Evert Black, 29/34
  • Wrangler Mens Regular Fit Comfort Flex Waist Jean Jeans - Blue - 32W x 29L
  • Lee Men's Performance Series Carefree Stretch, Dark Khaki, 40W x 30L
  • Lee
  • 5.11 Tactical Defender-Flex Straight Jeans, Mechanical Stretch Fabric, Classic Pockets, Style 74477
  • Volcom Mens A1931503 Solver Modern Fit Denim Jeans Jeans - Blue - 29W x 34L
  • Lee
  • Lee Mens 20095 Premium Flex Denim Regular Fit Jeans - Blue - 34W x 32L
  • Lee Men's Modern Series Slim Chino Pant, Smoke, 36W x 30L

Buying guide


Choosing your Men’s Trousers and Jeans

4064-Denver Hayes FLEXTECH Classic FitStraightLegStretchStonewashJeans

 Always get the fitting right

For both trousers and jeans, fitting is the first point to get right. No matter how stylish your trousers or jeans are, if they don’t fit you properly, you are better off not using them. Getting your size measured is simple – you can either go to a tailor (or a departmental store) or get the measurement done on your own. If you choose the latter option, find out online (and there are many websites to get the information) and take the measure. Now you can go ahead and choose to shop.

Choose the right materials for trousers and jeans

The other important element in men’s trousers is the type of material. For trousers, the most common materials available are cotton, linen, polyester and wool. Cotton and linen are more suited to summers while the other two are more apt for winters. Just keep in mind that polyester trousers are the cheapest, but they also look the cheapest.


As far as men jeans are concerned, you should focus on the type of wash and the available choices are dirty wash, stonewash, acid wash and vintage wash. Some also prefer raw denim that is darker and fades with time. These jeans are for the more fashion minded and those who don’t mind spending extra money. 

There are enough styles in trousers and jeans

As far as styles are concerned, trousers can either have pleats or they could be flat-front in style. Flat-front trousers usually fit those better who are slim and fit. If you are not really slim then opt for pleated trousers because the pleats are able to hide those extra pounds around your midsection and they offer more room.


For jeans, you have more styles to choose from. If you want that classic look, the straight cut is the denim style for you. The other options in style include slim fit, skinny fit, tapered fit and boot-cut style.


4064-DH3CargoJoggerPantChoose the right colours for all occasions

For colour, trousers have more options than jeans. You can think of any colour in trousers and they are available. Ideally, you should have a consistent mix of colours to suit your shirts. Dark coloured trousers are ideal for light shirts and light coloured trousers go well with dark coloured shirts. Apart from formal trousers, also keep a few casual ones that you can wear to work on weekends or in office parties.


Jeans are most popular in blue and you will do well to stick to various shades of this colour. The classic blue in jeans is an all-time favourite and should form part of your wardrobe. You can also opt for mid and light blue colours depending on what colour shirts or t-shirts you want to wear them with.


Look at the top brands in trousers and jeans

When you plan to shop for trousers and jeans online, you should go for the right brands. Almost all the top names in trousers and jeans sell their products online and a little bit of search will help you identify their products. While brand name is not that big a matter in trousers, it matters a lot in jeans. Levis jeans, Guess jeans and Diesel jeans are among the most popular brand names in jeans and you will never go wrong with their products.


Choose the trendiest fashion in trousers and jeans

And lastly, you should follow the latest trends in trousers and jeans. Again, there is enough information available online for you to come to know about the latest trends and do your shopping.


Which trousers and jeans for which use?

4064-Levis514Straight FitVIPJeansCotton is the most preferred materials in trousers and jeans and when you shop online, there will be plenty of options available for you. Some of the most popular cotton trousers and jeans include WindRiver Flannel Lined Khakis, Nastydress Loose Fit Trendy Solid Color Multi Pocket Straight Leg Men’s Cotton Blend Cargo Pants, Bean's 1912 Corduroy Pants and Denver Hayes Cotton Twill Cargo Pants.


Denims have to be in your wardrobe as casualwear. In denims, some of the most popular items being sold online are Lois "Brad" Comfort Stretch Jeans, Carhartt Loose-Fit Canvas Carpenter Denim Pant - Men's, Parasuco Jeans Loose skinny fit and Levi's Commuter 511 Denim Pants - Men's.


For that stylist look, choose to go with corduroy and some of the best products in online stores include AG Protege Corduroy Straight Leg Pant, Bean's 1912 Pants, Corduroy, Standard Fit, Lined, Bonobos Milanese Corduroy Pant - 30-36" Inseam and Men's Royal Robbins Convoy Corduroy Regular - Burro Pants.

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