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In this age of smartphones, does anyone at all use landline phones? You may be surprised to know that there are many that do. A landline phone at home may not be as essential as it used to be, but it is still important. The popularity of landlines has been enhanced thanks to the different models of cordless phones. While these phones are not new, they have also evolved due to advancements in technology and you should be able to pick one that suits your purpose. All you need to do is look around and read a bit about a cordless phone and its features. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Choosing your Cordless-Phone


Get the cordless-phone with the right frequency


When you speak on a cordless-phone, there is a transmission of signal between the base and the handset. The voice transmission happens using a frequency. The earlier cordless-phones used frequencies between 43 and 50 MHz but their sound quality was poor. Later on, different frequencies got used – 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. But there are other appliances that also use these frequencies. If you want a frequency dedicated for your phone so that you can talk in an uninterrupted manner, look for cordless-phones that use 1.9 GHz frequency. This frequency is reserved for voice applications. base station features in cordless-phones


You also need to decide on the kind of base you need in your cordless-phone. For instance, there are bases that don’t have keypads and there are those that have. If you are near the base and don’t want to use the handset, the latter option proves to be more helpful. You can dial the number and speak on the speakerphone without lifting the handset. This can also be done when the handset is in a different location. For the clearest sound on the speakerphone, you may want to look at options where background noise is also cancelled. This ensures that your conversation flows smoothly.


The handset features to look at


As far as the handsets are concerned, there are some features you should look at. Auto-talk is a feature where you only need to lift the handset from the base to start talking. This is possible when someone is calling you or when the handset is placed on the base. Some of the handsets also have volume control built in and you can find this feature extremely helpful too. There are some phones that allow you to use multiple handsets. If you want to pick up the phone when you are in the kitchen or the bathroom, this is one feature that you will find useful.


 for businesses

If you have a small business where you use two different phone lines, you have cordless-phones that support this function. These phones allow you to speak to different people calling on different lines. The biggest benefit here is that you don’t need to spend on multiple phones and this can be quite a cost saving option.


Consider the various features available with cordless-phones

There are many other features available in cordless-phones and you can choose as per your requirement. Some of these phones have in-built address books so that you don’t need to remember the numbers of your contacts or need to dial in a stored number. Speed dial is another feature where each key can be configured to dial a specific number. Everyone has some numbers that they dial frequently and this is one useful feature for such users. For businesses, two important features are call waiting and caller identification. There is no need to explain what these features are – you decide whether you want these features.


Look at scalable cordless-phones

For businesses, it is also important to use cordless-phones that allow for expansion later. This means that you can add another line later on or plug in another handset if the need be. Scalability has become an extremely important feature in modern phones and this is one element for you to consider for sure.


Which cordless-phones for which use?

If your requirement is more than one handset in your cordless-phone, consider the models mentioned here – Panasonic KXTG4033B Cordless Phones - 3-Handset, Panasonic KXTGC214B 4-Handset Cordless Phone, Panasonic KXTG7875S DECT 6.0 5-Handset High Quality Phone System with Answering Capability and Panasonic 2-Handset Bluetooth Link 2 Cell Cordless Phone.


If you need a single cordless-phone to handle more than one phone line, the models worth looking at are Panasonic KXTG9541B 2-Line Cordless Phone System with Bluetooth, Cisco SPA302D Multi-line DECT Handset, Clarity E814CC and RCA H5401RE1 4-Line DECT 6.0 Accessory Handset.


The best business cordless-phones available in the Canadian market include Panasonic KXTG9541B 2-Line Cordless Phone System with Bluetooth, Cisco SPA302D Multi-line DECT Handset, EnGenius DuraFon 1X, RCA TC25252 2-Line DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Digital Answering System and VTech AT&T TL80133 Cordless Accessory Speakerphone.



Now for the top cordless-phone manufacturers in the country – you can rest assured you will get the best cordless-phones when you opt for Panasonic, Engenius, Clarity, CISCO and AT&T. They have plenty of models for you to consider for purchase.


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