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Cooktops and Gas Cooktops are practical and compact solutions to many kitchen needs. As a central piece of any kitchen in modern or traditional households, it definitely deserves special attention when it is being considered for purchase. With the help of Shopbot's buying guide and comparison tools, you will have a better understanding of what kind of cooktop you might need, and of how to make the best acquisition for the best price.

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Cooktop 1Cooktops and Gas Cooktop

A good cooktop is pivotal for any traditional or modern home. Whether one cooks regularly, frequently or occasionally, one needs a cooktop for a variety of purposes, including boiling water to preparing a family meal. When choosing a cooktop for the house, one needs to keep in mind their different requirements and overall lifestyle. For instance, larger homes require a gas cooktop with more burners, while users who seldom use cooktops can have one with just two burners.

Current style and trends in Cooktops

In the last few years, cooktops have evolved from mere two or four burners to include a variety of different features. But these appliances generally have some features which are available in almost every single piece. For instance, cooktops have a similar countertop cut, are easier to clean and can offer facilities such as temperature control. Ceramic cooktops are also available for homes that require fashionable and functional products. The edges of modern cooktops are generally without frames and don’t trap items or dust. They usually come with the additional accessories when bought from any store, or an online portal.

Which cooktop for which use?

On a broader level, cooktops are divided in two types -- Gas and Electric. The different varieties of this category include:

Electric Cooktops

Whether with a radiant style or with electric coils, electric cooktops are useful for urban homes that have electricity available at all times. While the radiant style electronic cooktops have their heating elements covered or protected by glass or ceramic, electric coils have their heating element left exposed. Choose the former one if you have kids at home or have a scare of burns. Knobs are provided in these models in order to regulate electricity. Although they are great cooking appliances, they can also be responsible for heavier bills.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are some of the most traditional cooking apparatus are still the most common type and are found in urban and rural homes. Cooktops of this type offer three major benefits: they allow for more sensible control of the cooking temperature (through visual clues – such as size of the flame – and instant changes to the desired heat level) and use natural gases such as LPG to cook. They are often more durable and reliable, especially for homes where food is cooked on regular basis.

Induction CooktopInduction Cooktops

Designed to use electromagnets that induce heating, these kinds of cooktops are best for homes with kids, since they generate no flames and irradiate no heat to surfaces other than the pan. They also work well for urban homes and even ones where food isn’t cooked regularly. This equipment has the added advantage of being particularly energy-efficient. But initial investment in these products is higher, and they require special vessels.

Choosing your cooktop

Take into consideration these four factors before buying a product in this category:


Induction and electric cooktops with radiant or electric coil style can be very practical for a number of reasons. But at the same time, when compared to gas-fueled models, they are more difficult to operate and don’t reach the desired temperatures as fast. Another important factor when deciding between them, however, is the gas versus electricity prices in your region. Moreover, it is important to be sure that the appliance has a good quality stamp when it comes to output efficiency and safety. Be it electricity or gas, any kind of accident involving these energy sources can have disastrous consequences.

Cooktop 2Cooking frequency

Do you cook often? If yes, then a high powered model is your requirement. Gas cooktops with four or more burners are essential for homes with larger families or places where more food is cooked often and in big quantities / varieties. Models that sport large ovens also work well for such homes as they offer ease of usage and provide the necessary heat for faster cooking. High heat burners are best for homes where stir frying, searing or large heating quantities are used during cooking. For homes with lesser members, a regular two or three frame cooktop works well, and choice between gas and induction could be made according to one’s budget. Single induction burners work well for people who live alone or with their partner and don’t cook on regular basis. Beyond the frequency of their cooking, one should consider the kinds of food that are going to be cooked. If you have the constant necessity of pressure-cooking your meals, a gas cooktop would be essential, for example.

Convenience and Durability

Those who want fuss free and no-hassle maintenance of their cooktops should probably opt for electric smooth tops that are easier to clean than regular framed types. But one must know that such models require special cleaning, as they are prone to damage from sugary liquids. Coil tops are definitely tougher to clean and offer less convenience. Gas and induction cooktops offer average cleaning convenience. Due to their nature, electric and induction apparatus are more vulnerable to damage that will require more expensive and laborious maintenance. Gas cooktops, by contrast, suffer from simples issues, such as a blocked or pierced gas hose. This is, however, a lot more dangerous to a household. In the end, when choosing such a central piece of your kitchen appliances, you should definitely take your time to ponder about your cooking needs and the different solutions offered by each model. Moreover, you will certainly want to do extensive research regarding product quality, brand customer support and the general cost-benefit offered by each product. For that, you can count with Shopbot’s tools!

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