Computer Housing & Cooling

Welcome to our Computer Housing and Cooling Section. Building a Desktop is no easy task, with so many components to worry about it’s easy to pay less attention to the outside, but the price we pay for negligence with Cooling and Housing is a good reminder that they play an important role. To fit it all, a good PC Case is needed, here you’ll find all the kinds of Cases, some that look simple but are good enough to house everything and some that not only are big ... View more enough, but also have the looks. If you’re building a gaming computer or a computer to run any kind of image or video editing software, it’s important to remember that these softwares or games often overheat your computer, and that can lead not only to the loss of your work, but to the loss of your CPU. That’s the reason why your computers parts will benefit greatly from a good Fan. You’ll see different kinds of Fans, the single ones that usually come with cheap computers and the more advanced ones that use more complicated mechanisms, for example, the Thermaltake Fans. In case you’re trying to overclock your computer hardware, Water Cooling is a great choice to keep the heat under control, this model of cooling is a good choice for people that already have experience with computer components and hardware. That’s not all the cooling you can get, though. We also have different brands of Thermal Paste that will help dissipating the heat between your processor and cooler. To make sure your computer won’t let you down, you have to supply it with enough energy. That’s when choosing the right Power Supply is important, the simple desktop computers will consume 400W or even less, but if you intend on building a top-notch computer you’ll need way more energy. Pay attention to your machine’s needs so you won’t need to spend your money on computer repairs every month. If you have doubts regarding our products, take a look at our buying guides to help you with all these options! ... View less