Computer Components

Welcome to our Computer Components section! Here you’ll find the most important parts to build or upgrade your computer. Let’s start off with the Motherboards, most of your computer will be connected to it, so it’s advised to invest in a good one. If your aim is to build the best computer all around, the Intel Mainboards are a good choice, not only for those who want a top notch desktop, but for those who want an entry-level one too. There are Motherboards that are focused on ... View more gaming performance by Asus and MSI, two well-known brands for their high quality Computer Parts. Another crucial part is the processor. Here you’ll find different models, the speed of which model vary, so be cautious when you choose your processor because their names might be similar, but the performance can be completely different. Also, bear in mind that your computer performance is not solely based on your processor! It’s based on the other components as well, such as the cache size and the speed of the RAM, for example. Then we have the Graphics Cards, the most important component for the gaming computers. You’ll find a huge variety of models and brands. Gigabyte, Sapphire, EVGA are 3 of the best brands and you’ll find a number of different models from them. You can also filter your search, meaning that you can see all the models that have the exact specs you’re looking for. Remember that the better Graphics Cards demand a lot of energy, so make sure you’ll be able to supply them accordingly. To increase your machine’s performance you must have good RAM, and we do have different options with different Speeds, Technologies and Memory Configuration and up to 64GB! And in case you’re building the best laptop we have RAM for laptops too. To control your Peripherals and Storage we have plenty of cards too, you can choose how many USB ports your PC will have or to control your Hard Disk. If you got the wrong controller card, you’ll find different adapters and cables that will save you from buying another card! If you plan on using a video editing software be sure to check our TV Tuner and Video Capture Cards, you’ll be able to not only watch TV on your PC or laptop but to save the best parts and edit them and if you’re investing in a gaming computer, why not show your friends by video how smoothly that game runs on your machine? And don’t forget to take a look at our buying guides to help you with all these options! ... View less