Coffee Tables

A coffee table has become a stylish accent for one's home, and more so for the living or seating area. The coffee table is also known as a cocktail table, and is used as a surface on which one could place coffee or tea cups during visits or occasions. Other items that one could keep on a coffee table include books, magazines, ashtrays, coasters, or any other objects used to add vibrancy to the living room. Coffee tables are usually low, and are made in such a way that it is easy for one to reach out and place things without lifting their arms too high. Coffee tables these days come in all kinds of shapes, designs, widths, and can even be customized according to one's need or style. There are, however, certain factors that one must take into consideration before buying a coffee table. Read buying guide

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  • Jerald 120cm Wooden Coffee Table In Natural - Black by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (CF2602-KD)
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  • Pena 1.47m Wooden Coffee Table - Full Black by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (CF6033-SD)
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  • Marcel 90cm Glass Round Coffee Table - Large by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (CF387-L)
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  • Cassian 71cm Marble Coffee Table by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (CF998)
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  • CT Queen Ann Nest of Table - Mahogany
  • Replica Noguchi Coffee Table - White
  • Replica Noguchi Coffee Table - Black
  • CT Amsterdam Nest Of Table - White
  • CT Z Style Nest of Table - Chocolate
  • Coffee Table Set 2 Pieces Solid Pinewood White (VXL244731)
    $139.95 $229.95 -39%
  • Lucio Marble Top Square Coffee Table, 60cm (132038)
    $619.00 $1,049.00 -41%
  • Coffee Table Solid Mango Wood
  • Seville Rattan Round Coffee Table / Ottoman (FUR98)
    $149.00 $255.00 -42%
  • Ebonie Cultured Marble Topped Coffee Table, 120cm (60-055)
    $629.00 $1,049.00 -40%
  • CT Queen Ann Nest of Table - White
  • Artiss Coffee Table 2 Tier Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Storage Shelf Modern
    $127.95 $284.95 -55%
  • Mirabello 2 Piece Faux Marble Topped Metal Round Nesting Coffee Table Set, Black / Gold (CT988012)
    $1,275.00 $1,699.00 -25%
  • Heversham Iron Drum Coffee Table, 82cm (M21067)
    $389.00 $699.00 -44%
  • Marcel 90cm Glass Round Coffee Table - Large by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (CF387-L)
    $465.00 $490.00 -5%
  • Noguchi 127cm Coffee Table - Isamu Noguchi Replica - Premium - Black by Interior Secrets - AfterPay Available (CF2132-CF101)
  • vidaXL Coffee Table MDF and Fir Wood 110x55x43 cm
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  • Royston Glass Top Rattan Coffee Table, White (N-0271White)
    $439.00 $825.00 -47%
  • Replica Kugel Tear Drop Fibreglass Side Table
  • Replica Noguchi Coffee Table - Walnut

Buying guide

Coffee Table 1Some factors to consider

Determine the space of your living room, and furniture arrangement

Coffee tables do not come in one particular size, and as a buyer one must know the spacing between the furniture in the living room in order to know which size of coffee table would suit best. Coffee tables are always placed in the center, and it is mandatory to know the height of the sofas, chairs, and cushions in order to determine the size and height of the coffee table that would go in sync with the rest of the furniture. It is advisable that one goes with a coffee table that is approximately the same size as the other objects.

Know what shape would look best or go with the house décor

The market these days is full of several variations when it comes to coffee tables. From the traditional wooden kind to the more ornate marble ones, there is a large pool of choice. Gone are the days when no one paid much attention to the interiors or the house decor. These days, people tastefully design their homes, and wish to acquire the very best that would make their house look beautiful and elegant. The house furniture should always mesh well with the other objects placed in the house. If one has a living room that gives off a more modern design and appeal, then getting a coffee table with a quirky design would be apt.


The market has several innovative designs which are inspired by modern or pop art when it comes to coffee tables, such as iPhone imitations, cassette-shaped coffee tables, guitar-shaped coffee tables, and other unique styles and inspirations. On the other hand, if one wishes to go for a simple and sleek look, then they can opt for the sober low coffee tables made out of stone, wood, or metal. Such coffee tables are sturdy, classic and go with just about anything else in the living room.

The area below that supports the coffee table

While defining the space and height, it is also important to pay attention to the area that supports the coffee table surface from below. If you have kids or pets, then you might want to stay away from prickly, or sharp cornered coffee tables. In case of little toddlers, you might even want to have a coffee table which supports an area below that has large spaces in which you can put tissue holders, toys or other useful items for your baby while they play in the living room area.Coffee Table 2

Buying a coffee table

Last but not the least, it is crucial to know your usage and need. Going for a coffee table which is either too bulky or too heavy is not always ideal, especially if the rest of your house does not go with that kind of a look. Therefore, one must consider every item in the house, and the house's overall look before going for a coffee table.


Coffee tables are nothing less than style statements that can add the extra pomp to your home, and can make an ordinary living room come to life. Moreover, make sure that, before making a purchase, you are fully aware on how brands and products relate to each other when it comes to product price and quality. For that, you have our expert & user reviews to help you know the ins and outs of each option in the market. Checking prices between stores is also mandatory to make a good acquisition; and for that, you have Shopbot’s price comparison tools. Happy researching and happy shopping!

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