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  • 8 Digit Rubber Rolling Stamp English Alphabet Letter Number Symbol Rolling Wheel Stationery DIY (GZDS-001585)
  • 150Pcs/Set Children Drawing Set Painting Art Set Water Color Pen Crayon Oil Pastel Paint Brush Drawing Tool (GZDS-001402)
  • Badge Maker Machine with 44 mm Mold and Circle Cutter (VXL30056)
    $119.95 $179.95 -33%
  • Badge Maker Machine with Circle Cutter 37 mm (VXL30149)
    $119.95 $189.95 -37%
  • Badge Maker Machine with Circle Cutter Rotate Punch 44 mm (VXL30152)
    $149.95 $229.95 -35%
  • Badge Maker Machine with Circle Cutter Rotate Punch 37 mm (VXL30153)
    $149.95 $219.95 -32%
  • Badge Maker Machine with Circle Cutter 25 mm (VXL30150)
    $109.95 $169.95 -35%
  • A3 LED Tracing Board Art Drawing Light Box (LTBVN-A3AU12)
    $99.98 $139.95 -29%
  • Magic Tricks Toys for Children 75 tricks (sgadget31)
    $29.95 $39.50 -24%
  • 60 PCS Colored Pencils & Drawing Pencils Set (spaint60col)
    $49.99 $69.50 -28%
  • 48 Brush Markers Refillable Water Pen Calligraphy Drawing Coloring suitable for Beginner Painters (spaintbrush48)
    $39.99 $79.50 -50%
  • A2 LED Tracing Light Box Stencil Drawing Board Pattern Art Design Pad (LTBVN-A2AU12)
    $109.96 $159.95 -31%
  • Solar Energy Shaking Owl House Decoration Christmas Gift (GZ159299201)
  • Badge Maker Machine with 25 mm Mold and Circle Cutter (VXL30057)
    $139.95 $219.95 -36%
  • Voile Fabric 1.45 x 20 m Cream (VXL130761)
    $59.95 $89.95 -33%
  • 12 Digit Rubber Rolling Stamp English Alphabet Letter Number Symbol Rolling Wheel Stationery DIY (GZDS-001584)
  • H51S Newton Cradle Balance Balls Desktop Playing Toy Science Pendulum (GZ128134201)
  • Dominoes Block Train Toy (GZ283491001)
    $34.95 $69.95 -50%
  • Badge Maker Machine with Circle Cutter 58 mm (VXL30147)
    $149.95 $219.95 -32%
  • Badge Maker Machine with Circle Cutter Rotate Punch 58 mm (VXL30151)
    $149.95 $229.95 -35%
  • Badge Maker Machine with Circle Cutter 44 mm (VXL30148)
    $129.95 $199.95 -35%

Buying guide

Which kid doesn’t like toys? None would be the answer. As a parent, you should continue looking for the new toys that arrive at the market and keep buying. A change in their toy will make your kid learn and at the same time, they will continue to be interested in new toys because there will be a lot of variety. Creative toys are considered excellent for kids because these toys let kids think out of the box and use their creative skills. These toys can be of many types and you will be more than happy when you consider all the options.


3993-kids_activityChoosing your Creative Toy


Answer some questions related to creative toys

When you are in the process of choosing creative toys and creative games for kids, ask yourself some simple questions. Choose those toys that give you the answer to these questions.


  • Does the toy teach new skills and foster creativity in your child in a fun way?
  • Is it interesting enough to constantly engage your child?
  • Is the toy visually appealing and looks bright and colourful?
  • Is the design original and innovative and makes proper use of the toy materials?
  • Is the toy appropriate for the age of your child?
  • Does the toy build concepts like environmental awareness, social responsibility and community awareness?


Buy creative toys as per the age of your child

One point that largely decides what creative toys you should buy is the age of your child.


If you have a toddler, you should focus on building blocks, play sets and animal models. These toys will help your child develop coordination skills and enhance their motor skills, especially hand to eye coordination. There are also toys that require numerical calculations to be done and young children love these toys because they get that sense of achievement. The same sense of achievement is possible when you buy alphabet toys. Kids can use these toys to learn their alphabets and numbers fast.


There are musical toys that are perfect for those children who show their talent in music at their age. There are xylophones, synthesizers and recorders that fall in this category of creative toys.


For the sake of developing the creative thinking of your child, you could also opt for toys like wooden models, puppets and marbles and so on. Craft for kids toys also allow your child to use their creative thinking. These could include toys that require drawing or painting. These are toys for slightly older children.


3993-math_perplexorsSpend time online to understand what you need

Online window shopping is one of the best ways to choose creative toys. But it is not recommended that you only visit those online stores that sell these toys. That has to be done, but before that, you should visit those websites that tell you what toys to buy according to the age of your child. There are websites that categorically list the types and names of creative kids games and toys for kids of all ages. For instance, for six to eight year old kids, you may want to look at puppets, crayons, musical instruments and puzzles, among others.


Cheap creative toys can be bad for your health

Cheap toys are made of cheap materials that are not suitable for your child. Children, especially the younger ones, have this habit of putting things in their mouth and they love to chew on their toys. Imagine how bad for health a cheap toy would be should your child put them in their mouth. So, even if you end up paying more for a branded creative toy, go ahead and do it. This is for the benefit of your child.


Spend time with your child playing with creative toys

Last but not the least, what your child needs the most is you. You may buy all the toys in the world for your child, but if you don’t give them, none of these toys are worth anything. Yes, you should buy creative toys for your child, but ensure you take out time to play with your child. You can not only explain the game to your child, but also involve them completely.



Which creative toys for which use?

If you have a toddler at home, the best creative toys that you can buy for them include ALEX Toys - Artist Studio Clickable Finger Crayons, Aquadoodle Classic Mat, Children's Factory Toddler Smock, My First Crayola Washable Triangular Crayons and Set of 10 Toddler Educational Toy Craft Kit Sticky Pictures Art & Craft.


To teach math to your child, some of the best creative toys that you can consider include Mindware Math Perplexors: Level B (Workbook), Obsolete Mindware GeoDesigns (Colouring Book), Mindware Modern Patterns: Optical (Colouring Book), Alphabet & Numbers Magnets Tabletops Learning Dry Erase Board Math Toys and Dinosaur Wooden Bead Maze Stand with 10 Colorful Rainbow Beads Puzzle Counting Game Math Training.


If your child is into music, consider creative toys like Baker Ross Music Shaker Kits and The Little Sunshine Kids 109 Songs For Kids Activity Kit Including: 4 Fun Music CD's, Puzzles, 50+ Stickers, Crayola Crayons & Coloring Book.



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