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Buying guide

Choosing your Ceiling Lighting


 lightsDecide on the kind of ceiling lighting you need


The easiest thing for you to do is hire an interior designer who can then study the amount of light present in every room and the amount of light that is additionally required. However, this proposition can be expensive and is not the right solution for everyone. You can, instead, use the internet to find out about the kind of ceiling lighting you will require in the rooms of your home. For instance, you will probably want more of natural lighting in your kitchen and if the natural light is not enough, opt for extra white light. Your living room will play host to gatherings and parties and here you may want to use yellow lighting. Your choice has to do a lot with your personal preference but you should try and follow the established guidelines for ceiling lighting.


All the ceiling lighting options


You should explore all different ceiling lighting options available in the market.


Chandelier – a chandelier is not a luxury item anymore and you can easily afford it. This form of ceiling lighting is perfect for your living room. It can throw just the right amount of light while looking gorgeous. If you think a chandelier is too gaudy, opt for pendant light. A pendant light hangs from the ceiling but has a single source of light. It can look highly elegant and is more contemporary. And if you are not interested in hanging lights, opt for recessed lighting where the light is flush with the ceiling.


Flush-mount light – wherever you have a low ceiling and you want ambient lighting there, flush-mount light is what you should look at. If you want to maintain the “gorgeous” aspect, go for semi-flush-mount lighting. This is an option that is somewhere between a chandelier and a flush-mount light.


Island light – as the name suggests, this form of ceiling lighting is for your kitchen. Typically, this form of ceiling lighting consists of multiple pendant lights that are arranged on a rod or a stem.


Fluorescent light – if white light is what you love, then you need fluorescent light. This form of ceiling lighting can be used in many rooms, especially in your bathrooms. These lights are bright and can cheer you up on the gloomiest day.


Track light – if there is any fixture in your home that you want to highlight, you should use track lights. Tracks lights are arranged in a line on the fixture and highlight it.


Functional or decorative ceiling lighting?


Now that you know about the different types of ceiling lighting options you can choose from, there is one important question for you to answer – do you want the light for functional or decorative purposes? For example, do you want a light attached to your ceiling fan? This option is very much there. If you answer this question, you will be more or less sure about the type of ceiling lighting that you should choose.


Ceiling lighting power consumption


Light consumption is another point to be noted for ceiling lighting and here again, you will probably need to relook at the kind of lights that you should install. CFL lights consume less power than fluorescent lights, which again consume less power than incandescent lights. If you want to spend more initially and reap the benefits of power saving for a longer term, LED lights are good.


ceilingWhich ceiling lighting for which use?


Chandeliers add a lot of grandeur to any room and you have some excellent choices if you purchase online. Some of the best chandeliers in Canada are Gallery T40-156 4 Light 1 Tier Crystal Mini Chandelier With Pink Crystals, Miseno Mlit143977rt 4-Light Strap Cage Chandelier With 72" Adjustable Chain, LightingBox Black Acrylic 6 Lights Chandelier, Af Lighting 8524 Hot Pink Five Light Mini Chandelier and Gold or Chrome Contour 11-light Chandelier with European or Swarovski Spectra Crystal Strands.


Crystal lights can be stunningly beautiful and they give your rooms that rich feeling. Some of the items to look at in crystal lights are lightinthebox LightMyself Luxury Crystal Ceiling Lamp Dining Room Crystal Lamp, 1 Light Beaded Crystal Mini Pendant Light in Chrome Finish with Clear Crystal and Bromi Design B7601 Jasmine 5 1 Tier Linear Crystal Accents Chandelier.


For that contemporary look, opt for steel ceiling lighting. Some of the bestselling items here include Duncan PW One Light Pendant, Stelle Two Light Flush Mount and Globe Electric 65181 1 Light Mini Pendant with Brush Steel.


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