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The calculator is a device being used to make arithmetic calculations. There are different types of calculators depending on their functions and usage. Calculators are also available in different sizes, shapes and designs serving their specific purposes – from basic to rigid calculations. A calculator is a necessary device for every office worker, business establishment, student, and even to every mother.

Types of Calculators

Here are the types and functions of the different calculators available on the market: The Handheld Calculators are often being used for basic calculations. They have memory features but are still limited for others to use since they can’t be used for engineering and scientific calculations. Primary students are usually required to have this type of calculator.


The Scientific Calculators are capable of arithmetic functions like powers, logarithms, sines, and series expansions. They also have statistical functions for linear and combinatorial calculations. Most scientific calculators can convert logic operators such as AND and XOR. Usually, because these calculators are in-demand and are often being bought by students, they’re being sold in affordable prices. The Graphing Calculators display expressions in graphical forms. These are very versatile and powerful calculators. They have exceptional features for solving engineering problems. They are also programmable. Some graphing calculators come with optional connectors so users can exchange data and software to their computers.


The Financial Calculators are made for people who are working with money. The much sought after application of financial calculators is the time value of money. A financial calculator solves the initial amount, the discount or interest rate, final amount, and number of periods. This allows users to compute their investments, leases, or mortgages in no time.

Latest Calculators on the Market

The TI-Nspire CAS Handheld Calculator has a touchpad and is ideal for doing Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, College Maths, Physics and Chemistry. It uses four triple A batteries and comes with a manual and USB cables that are unit to unit and unit to computer. Also, there is the student software and a slide case for protection against impacts. It is loaded with data that assist high school and college level students. It can also be used for calculating or for graphing. It is big and quite uneasy to hold. The touchpad is not consistently responsive. Plus, there is no backlight so it is hard to use in dim places. Alphabetic keys at the lower part are tiny and hard to press. Internal function libraries need enough information for the user to be able to make full use of its features. Some resort to online tutorials just to get to know this calculator more.


Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator (FX-115ES) has a two line textbook display. It is so advanced that it claims to have 279 functions and provides the user with almost every math calculations he/she needs. It includes Matrix, Vector, Statistics, 40 Metric conversions and complex number calculations. It has the solar feature and a battery backup. This calculator has a long battery life and very nice table functions.


The user needs to do keying in unhurriedly and the cursor sometimes moves slowly when an equation has to be edited. It is approved to be used when taking examinations. This calculator has gained a lot of compliments from users and has been found loaded with reliable features. The Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator is considered excellent for high school students especially for Algebra and Calculus topics. This calculator is upgradable. Graph links can be bought for some additional programs that can be used for 3D Graphs, Geometry and Physics. This calculator is acceptable even when taking standardized tests. Unlike the TI-92 and TI-89 which might not be allowed to be used during examinations because they are mostly for college students.


It is praised for being user- friendly. However, some might get the more recent and almost similar TI-84. Its battery life goes beyond two years. It is normally discounted when you buy one. Some of its functions are sketchy and quite challenging to operate and the written manual is too small like the size of cute mouse. It considered by many as the most affordable calculator which is as good as advertised. The HP 17BII Financial Calculator has more than 250 built-in functions. It also has two-line and 22- character LCD. It is durable since it could last for many years.


However, battery life needs some back-ups. It would be better to have some extra. Unfortunately, this calculator is not allowed to be used during the CFA examinations. So for taking the tests, the TI-BAIIPlus can be used. Another drawback is that it doesn't come with batteries and the very important instruction manual. Plus, the screen is not easy to read. Others prefer the 10BII which is claimed to have 90% of the business courses. These are just examples of the calculators on the market these days according to types.

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