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Buying guide

Samsung Blu-ray readerGeneral considerations

Do you need Blu Ray?

Before buying a Blu Ray Player or Reader, one must firstly question themselves regarding whether or not they really need a Blu Ray player! Well, in current times, Blu Ray Player and Reader can offer a wide range of benefits to people. For instance, they offer much better picture quality than all the older, regular DVD players. At the same time, most of them can play any older CD or DVD. In fact, one can easily play their favorite classics on the Blu Ray Player and enjoy better picture quality. Moreover, for those who own an HDTV, having Blu Ray Player or Reader can further enhance movie viewing experience. Plus, with Blu Ray discs becoming relatively cheaper in the market, people can now enjoy a wide range of movies and videos through the high resolution, better quality Blu Ray Readers. Currently, internet apps such as YouTube, Pandora, Facebook and even Netflix offer an array of videos and movies that can easily be enjoyed on a Blu Ray Reader.

Price and Quality

Most of the times, the quality of a Blu Ray Reader is actually determined by its price. For instance, as a general rule, a Blu Ray Reader costing less than $50 doesn’t work as good as the one that costs $100. But most people end up buying cheaper versions because the features mentioned are the same. Therefore, instead of simply comparing features or quantity, one must focus on the product and brand quality, which in most of the occasions is directly correlated to the price. Buyers can read several online reviews of different Blu Ray Readers and Players on Shopbot to know which one of them offers the best quality at an affordable price. Make sure you compare prices and read our expert reviews to find out how a Blu Ray Reader’s quality relates to its price tag!

Different features to look for

While buying Blu Ray Player or Readers, these are some of the factors that must be kept in mind:

Internet Apps

Today, internet has become a vital necessity for everyday life. Therefore, having a Blu Ray Reader that offers access to a wide range of internet apps must be preferred over others. Different players provide apps from YouTube, Netflix and Pandora, offering users an opportunity to enjoy different apps, games and videos or movies for their entertainment. Therefore, check whether the player supports latest internet apps if you intend to have access to these convenient services.


There isn’t any fun in using Blu Ray Reader internet apps if one doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi. Therefore, buying a Blu Ray Reader or player that comes with Wi-Fi facilities is the best way to ensure that one is always connected to the virtual world and has access to different games or videos. Usually, products priced for almost $100 or more offer Wi-Fi access services and may even have built in wireless that can connect an entire house’s systems without the need for a separate modem. Wireless adapters with USB port feature may also come with Blu Ray Players.

Controlling through Phone’s OS

Android, Windows 8 and iPhone iOS can be easily used for controlling a number of Blu Ray Readers. These apps offer access to the player even if the remote is lost. So, buying a product that features control through smart phone or tablet is for all those who wish to live in a tech and gadget savvy world. They offer big benefit for homes where remotes tend to be lost. If you have one such device and would like using it with your Blu Ray Reader, make sure to look for models which support this feature.

Audio Output

Blu Ray Readers and players these days aren’t just for inputs. Different audio outputs are also available. For those who have sound systems that aren’t as cool as the video can opt for players that have their own surround sound or audio output. This ensures that the video being played has equal amounts of audio. Audio outputs usually have HDMI inputs and can be attached directly to one’s television set for easier usage. HDMI inputs are also available in costlier Blu Ray Readers and players.

Media Streaming

Those who wish to connect and steam photos or videos from their laptops or computers can opt for media streaming feature on the Blu Ray Reader or player to enjoy the benefits of media sharing, checking and support. Therefore, content from tablets, smart phones or from the internet can directly be shared with Blu Ray player and the television. This is a very handy feature that is becoming more popular by the day, and many say this is the future of video entertainment – so give it serious consideration when buying your device.


Like watching 3D, then a Blu Ray reader that is compatible with 3D can be chosen. But it should only be invested upon if the TV on which the player is used is compatible with 3D system. Make sure to keep all of this information in mind and to use Shopbot’s price comparison features to guarantee the best possible acquisition when it comes to Blu Ray Readers. Happy shopping!

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