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What Can We Expect from The Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung’s last flagship model, the Galaxy S9 launched with much fanfare and interest from the tech world last year, but this sadly did not translate into the sales that the tech giant may have been expecting. So, what is in store for us all this year then? Will we see a return to the tried … Continue reading “What Can We Expect from The Samsung Galaxy S10?”

LG Rollable OLED TV Unveiled

LG has recently unveiled (or unrolled) its latest technological breakthrough: the rollable TV! This is a 65” inch that is an OLED TV that puts itself away into the base of the TV when it is no longer being watched. This has the effect of saving a lot of space and creates a far more … Continue reading “LG Rollable OLED TV Unveiled”

8K TVs, Is It A Real Revolution?

Wait a minute, did we just say 8K TVs? Aren’t 4K TVs the latest and greatest displays available on the market? It seems as though manufacturers have gone ahead and started pushing the limits of TV detail with mind-blowing resolutions and clarity. 4K has not yet hit pricing that all consumers feel comfortable with spending … Continue reading “8K TVs, Is It A Real Revolution?”

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 & Surface Laptop 2 Overview

Microsoft has been impressing us with their line of tablets and mobile devices for years, especially their Surface products. They figured out how to make Windows as a mobile touch experience a viable platform for professionals and home users alike, which has spawned many iterations of the platform since. Microsoft paid attention when they saw … Continue reading “Microsoft Surface Pro 6 & Surface Laptop 2 Overview”

Getting Started with Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

You have no doubt seen the praise being heaped onto Google of late thanks to the well-received launch of its latest and greatest line of Android smartphones: the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. But how are these devices really, and are they really as good as everyone has been saying?  We will take a … Continue reading “Getting Started with Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL”

GoPro Hero 7 Series: What’s New?

GoPro have released their much anticipated next generation series of action cameras, the GoPro Hero Series 7. What’s changed and what’s new? We will be taking an overview perspective of these products, and hopefully make sense of the new and improved GoPro camera series. These units have only recently gone on sale, so they are … Continue reading “GoPro Hero 7 Series: What’s New?”
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Apple’s New iPhones, Our Opinion

What Apple product release would be complete without some kind of controversy? Well, this year’s great unveiling has not disappointed on that front. The issue that we are referring to has been dubbed as “Charger Gate or Charge Gate”, for reasons that will soon become apparent, if you are not already up to speed with … Continue reading “Apple’s New iPhones, Our Opinion”

Top 3 Gaming Headsets

Finding the right gaming headset for you isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and there are many reasons for this. The first, and most obvious is the fact that comfort plays a large role in the decision-making process, and as many people no longer have access to physical displays of headphones at retail stores, … Continue reading “Top 3 Gaming Headsets”

Huawei unveils its Y6 and Y7

Huawei is one of the market leaders in the smartphone realm, and each new release attracts the attention of the tech world. The new Y6 and Y7 devices for 2018 are seen as the low ranged, cheaper and more affordable versions of the previously released Honor 6 and 7. The logic behind this strategy is … Continue reading “Huawei unveils its Y6 and Y7”

JB Hi-Fi’s Tax Time Madness! Get 15% off Microsoft Surface.

It’s that time of the year again, SHOPPING time! The beloved Australian End of Financial Year Sales season is upon us and everyone is scrambling to find the best deals out there. As your one-stop shop for all the best deals in Australia, we’ve put countless hours analyzing anything and everything when it comes to … Continue reading “JB Hi-Fi’s Tax Time Madness! Get 15% off Microsoft Surface.”

iPhone 2018: What can we expect from Apple?

The rumour mill never stops turning when it comes to Apple, as fans and investors all speculate about the direction that the company might take every year. The accuracy of some of these predictions are not always accurate, so we have to take all new information with a pinch of salt. We will look at … Continue reading “iPhone 2018: What can we expect from Apple?”

Samsung Galaxy X: Three OLED Screens foldable for 2019

Creative Photoshop users have been going crazy with renders and concept art for the upcoming smartphone from Samsung, and some are quite comical, while others are bizarre. The reason for all of this creative artistry is of course down to a new rumoured technology from Samsung: a foldable phone with 3 OLED screens. The applications … Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy X: Three OLED Screens foldable for 2019”

Hottest Deal of the Day | Sonos One Bundle at $499AUD

Meet the latest addition to the Sonos Home Sound System, the Sonos One. Sonos One is the smart-speaker for music lovers and there’s no doubt about it. The features we love the most Amazon Alexa built right into the speaker, start and control music with your voice. Play songs, check news and traffic, manage smart … Continue reading “Hottest Deal of the Day | Sonos One Bundle at $499AUD”

Huawei P20 Pro review: All-new design, triple cameras, and more!

Huawei’s new flagship phone, the P20 Pro, features all of the bells and whistles that you have come to expect from Huawei’s top offerings. It has an insane 40MP camera, decent battery and internal components that allows this device to compete favourably with the likes of Samsung and Apple. Let us take a look and … Continue reading “Huawei P20 Pro review: All-new design, triple cameras, and more!”

OnePlus 6: Everything we know about the next “Flagship Killer”

The rumor mill has been churning along at full speed these last few weeks, as facts and figures start to emerge about OnePlus’s latest flagship device, the OnePlus 6. So far the details are a bit sketchy, but what we can confirm from recent pictures of the device is that it appears to have the … Continue reading “OnePlus 6: Everything we know about the next “Flagship Killer””

Upcoming Mac Pro 2019: What can we expect from Apple?

Apple have never shied away from redesigning the wheel when releasing new products, and the cylindrical Apple Mac Pro 2019 model is a reminder of this fact. Although information is still thin on the ground, we do know a few things. The first thing is that the product has been confirmed for a 2019 release. … Continue reading “Upcoming Mac Pro 2019: What can we expect from Apple?”

Smartphones with the Best Battery Life for Android and iOS Lovers

Smartphone technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. Touch screens have become more accurate and can accept multiple touch inputs, and the viewing quality of the display is amazing. The screen of your smart phone is one of the main power draws, so using the screen will sap your battery … Continue reading “Smartphones with the Best Battery Life for Android and iOS Lovers”

The Best Mirrorless Cameras for Beginners and Professionals

High quality mirrorless cameras are readily available, and the Sony Alpha A7R III is perhaps one of the most well-known examples of this camera type, but there are many others available as well. Hybrid cameras, also known as mirror-less cameras. Mirrors are a critical component in DSLR cameras as they reflect light into the image … Continue reading “The Best Mirrorless Cameras for Beginners and Professionals”
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