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There is a vast number of very different products related to cycling, mountain biking and other bicycle related activities available in Shopbot. By using our search engine and filters you will be guided exactly to the selection of products that interest you - and to find out a bit more about them, read further information available in our Biking Equipment Buying Guide. Happy shopping! Read buying guide

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  • Chain Reaction Cycles Water Bottle - Blue - 800ml (CRCWB800ML)
    $1.79 $3.72 -52%
  • Chain Reaction Cycles Water Bottle - Blue - 600ml (CRCWB600ML)
    $1.79 $3.72 -52%
  • Chain Reaction Cycles Premium Water Bottle - 600ml - Blue
    $2.33 $4.65 -50%
  • Tufo Valve Key - One Size
    $2.53 $2.54
  • Exposure Silicone Shim for Handlebar Bracket - Red (EXPQRBKBAND)
    $2.64 $2.65
  • Chain Reaction Cycles Logo Water Bottle - Clear - 620ml
    $2.70 $11.20 -76%
  • ODN Kid Funny Ladybug Cycling Ride Bike Ring Bell (red)
  • ODN Kid Funny Ladybug Cycling Ride Bike Ring Bell (Blue)
  • ODN Kid Funny Ladybug Cycling Ride Bike Ring Bell (Pink)
  • ODN Kid Funny Ladybug Cycling Ride Bike Ring Bell (Yellow)
  • LifeLine Performance Bottle Cage Bolts - Black - 4 x 16mm (LL-AAB16-BLK)
  • LifeLine Valve Core Remover Tool - Black (LL-VCR)
    $2.99 $3.29 -9%
  • LifeLine Essential Rim Tape - 2 Pack - Black - Blue - 16mm (LL-16/559)
    $2.99 $3.29 -9%
  • LifeLine Essential Rim Tape - 2 Pack - Black - Blue - 16mm (LL-16/622)
    $2.99 $3.29 -9%
  • Mobi Citrus Degreaser Chain Cleaner 75ml (MCDCC75)
    $2.99 $6.59 -55%
  • Oxford Streamers - Purple - Black (HB520)
    $2.99 $5.59 -47%
  • LifeLine Essential Washer Set - Silver - 2 M5x10mm Sets (LL-WS)
    $2.99 $3.29 -9%
  • LifeLine Essential Rim Tape - 2 Pack - Black - Blue - 18mm (LL-18/559)
    $2.99 $3.29 -9%
  • LifeLine Essential Rim Tape - 2 Pack - Black - Blue - 18mm (LL-18/622)
    $2.99 $3.29 -9%
  • Arnette Scrambler Junior Roll Off Lens - Azure - Each (926949-01-T-2BB-AZURE-1PK)
    $3.62 $8.95 -60%
  • IXS Trail Velcro Sticker Pack (470-510-3090-3)
    $3.71 $3.72

Buying guide

Cycling Water BottleBiking Equipment

Biking is one of the best ways to stay fit and active. Riding one gives the opportunity to explore territories and enjoy an adventure that is enthralling and calming at the same time. But most of the times, bikers tend to get bewildered by the dizzying array of biking equipment that are available in the market. From bike racks to baby joggers to bells and tools, most people find it difficult to choose something that will fit their requirements and provide desired comfort while one is exploring the world. This guide briefly discusses different biking equipment that can be purchased depending upon the requirements of the biker.

Choosing equipment for your bike

There’s a wide variety of different items with different functions to choose from in our biking equipment section. Here you will find, for example, water bottles in a vast array of options that are specifically designed to be used with bikes. These bottles are generally spill-proof and insulated – both very useful features for cycling. Camelbak is one of the most popular brands in this segment. Another very popular and varied item type in this category encompasses backpacks, bags and trunkbags. These containers are specifically designed with cyclists in mind and have a large number of zippers and compartments available, including pockets intended specifically to hold the aforementioned water bottles. They are generally designed to be attached to the bike’s frame, taking a good load off the cyclist’s back. Topeak is among the brands that produce great products of this type.


If you don’t wish to carry a lot of water bottles in your trip there’s also the option to buy a bladder-style hydration pack that can also be put in the backpack and counts with a mouthpiece. For those who don’t actually need a whole backpack since they don’t carry a lot of stuff around in their bike trips, the hydro packs are a great alternative. They work like vests that can be filled with varying volumes of water or other liquids. This is very practical as it doesn’t harm the user’s balance while cycling and also provides a mouthpiece for practical access. For those that plan to carry only a few things on their bike ride – or even a pet – there are several front handlebar basket models available. You just have to pick the one that looks the best on your bicycle.

Bike Equipment: Many more options

Beam racks are also good options for carrying around things that can be strapped safely to the bike. Depending on the number of bikes and availability of space in your house, buying a bike storage rack or wall rack can also be a must. There are models to organize up to four bikes simultaneously, which can really add up and end up providing a lot of extra room for other things. Having a flat tyre in the middle of a cross-country track can also be very frustrating, but fear not! You will also find in this section a good variety of products that can solve that problem, from floor pumps to compressed air canisters. For fixing eventual punctures there are also puncture kits available to be bought alongside said tyre-fillers. These are available in grease and adhesive forms. We also count with many rear lights and reflectors in our selection – you definitely don’t want to be biking in the evening without any visual signs, considering how reckless drivers can be nowadays.


Chainstay protectors can avoid chainstay damage and protect you from related accidents. Bicycle bells can be useful to avoid collision or call for help when worse comes to worse. Arm warmers and gloves both provide protection against the razor cold wind you can face when cycling in some areas; the latter are also important to maintain a firm grip on the handlebars. Mud flaps, strap pins, nose guards and replacement lens for bike goggles will also ensure that the impact of weather and track conditions is going to impact your performance the minimum possible. Torque wrenches, large spanners, flat spanners and Allen keys can also get you out of many fishy situations. Take your time, look around carefully and read the user & expert reviews available for each product to know how useful it can be for you. Good luck, and happy shopping!

Newest Products

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  • Topeak Peak DX 2 Pump - White / Black (TO.078)
  • 100% Hydromatic Waterproof Gloves - Neon Yellow / XLarge (HP-10011-004-13)
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  • EUSIX Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women, Bike Glasses Bicycle Sunglasses Cycling Glasses Outdoor Eyewear (Dark Black)
  • AUOKER Bike Bell, Air Bike Bicycle Horn with LED Lights, Cute Cartoon Yellow Little Duck Shape, Propeller Handlebar Bike Squeeze Horns for Toddler Children & Adults
  • Schwinn 5 in 1 Bicycle Tire Floor Pump with Built in Pressure Gauge
  • Professional Quality Mini Bike Pump with Pressure Gauge by VeloChampion - Fits Presta & Schrader with 120 PSI / 8.3 Bar Max Pressure - Lightweight, Portable, Compact & Durable - Includes Mount Kit
  • Juli Ski Goggles,Winter Snow Sports Snowboard Goggles with Anti-Fog UV Protection Interchangeable Spherical Dual Lens for Men Women&Youth Snowmobile Skiing Skating
  • Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive ABS1 Pro 220psi Bike Pump Silver
  • Perfeclan Knob Thumb Screw Nut with Caps for GoPro HE Hero & HD Hero & HD HERO3 - Purple, 5.5x2cm
  • Perfeclan Cycling Running Goggles Glasses Retainer Necklace Lanyard Hanging String - Red, 60cm
  • VORCOOL 2pcs Bicycle Bike Handlebar Mirror 360°Bar End Bike Mirror Blast-Resistant Wide Angle Fully Adjustable Cycle Mirror (Black)
  • Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women for Cycling Running Fishing Golf TR90 Unbreakable Frame TR010-1 (White&Black Tips&Grey Lens)
  • Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women for Cycling Running Fishing Golf TR90 Unbreakable Frame TR010-1 (Black&Black Tips&Yellow Lens)
  • Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell, Red

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