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No doubt, everyone needs batteries to keep their devices or equipment in good, workable position. Now battery manufacturers are moving towards the best, environmentally friendly and cheaper option: re-chargeable batteries. But which rechargeable batteries should you search for? The answer is in this guide: Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Why Rechargeable Batteries?Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery


Different users have different reasons to purchase rechargeable batteries but it is necessary to understand the advantages or features that make it a useful option against standard batteries people use until they become flat.

Saving money          

By the end of 2016, experts have predicted that people will be spending over $55 billion per year on batteries. This amount involves consumption of rechargeable and disposable batteries, where rechargeable batteries have smaller market share as compared to disposable ones. This is because rechargeable system has high upfront as compared to average disposable batteries. Though, rechargeable batteries have proved to be a good option for repeated usage. Experts claimed that these batteries are capable of saving around $75 to $100 per year as compared to what users have to spend on AA disposable batteries.

Environmentally Friendly    

By using rechargeable batteries, consumers are not only saving money but also giving a good impact to the environment by sending disposable batteries to the landfill. They are ideal for changing the concept of trash to recycling as they can be used many times.


Rechargeable batteries can be recharged at anytime and anyplace with a power supply, according to the needs of the users.

That way, there is no need to wait for a delivery or to go shop for disposable batteries: you can just refill your batteries at home whenever you need them!


lithium-ion batteryKinds of Rechargeable Batteries

Users will find several kinds of rechargeable batteries having electro-chemical compositions. These types vary as per their capability to work, hold charge and compatibility with the electronic devices. Here are some of the most common yet useful types of rechargeable batteries:

Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad)

They are considered as the initiators or introducers of rechargeable batteries. Cadmium was used as the main material but after different studies, it has been declared hazardous, thus decreasing the demand of these batteries. Though, NiCad batteries do not drain quickly and are useful for devices that do not use higher energy or power such as remote controls. These rechargeable batteries are costly though, and not every user can afford them.

Nickle-Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Even though this type is said to be following NiCad batteries, it is cheaper and effective for the desired requirements. These batteries are normally used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Nickel-Zinc (NiZn)

They can be easily recharged for high energy work like in heavy battery powered headphones, flashlights etc. They are capable of producing more energy as compared to their disposable power equivalents.


These batteries are normally used in cameras, laptops and cell phones that need to be replaced after a certain time period. They are more durable and long lasting as compared to ordinary rechargeable batteries.


rechargeable battery greenRechargeable Batteries features to look for

Apart from the composition, buyers need to pay attention on a lot of other features as they are responsible for the long life of batteries and the quality of the energy supply:

Individual Charging Ability

There are some battery chargers that need users to charge batteries in batches of 2, 4, 6 or 8 in order to work efficiently. This feature is suitable for devices like clocks, remotes or small electronic items as they need only one AAA or AA battery. So, it is always recommended to search for the charger that can work for 1 battery as efficiently as it works for 2.

Discharge Cycle

It is another important factor for rechargeable batteries. Normally, experts suggest to repeat this cycle after every 4th charge so as to keep the batteries in good condition and lengthen their lives. This cycle starts by pressing a button that drains battery to 0% and ends with 100% charging.

Shutdown or Trickle Charge

The ability of a battery charger to shutdown or trickle charge is among the worth considering factors while looking for batteries. We recommend users not to recharge batteries until they are fully discharged. Indeed, if they try to recharge them, it will decrease the life of the battery.


Shop for your rechargeable batteries online

Irrespective of the reason why you need rechargeable batteries, their demand is increasing day by day, offering more and more opportunities to manufacturers to satisfy their customers. They are available in a huge range with different features and services for the users. Shopping for rechargeable batteries is a great idea, especially because you’ll get the best prices comparing the merchants offers in a few seconds.

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