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In our bathrooms category, we are all about bathrooms and toilets. From passive items like bathroom tiles to items that you actively interact with like the sinks and bathroom mirrors; you can rest assured that you will find everything that you have ever wanted. Imagine having mirrors with frames that complement your bathroom designs? Wouldn’t it look amazing? If you combine this with matching bathroom vanities, you will be able to have your dream bathroom. This category has all the items that you will need to achieve this kind Read More

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  • Arcisan SY01220
  • Oliveri TI45S
  • Fienza Jet Single Towel Rail Chrome (92501-800)
  • Fienza KoKo Wall Mixer with Diverter (218.102B)
  • Brodware Industrica Bath Shower Diverter Chrome (1.6741.00.2.01)
  • Brodware Industrica Exposed Wall Set with Mixer and Squareline Swivel Spout Chrome (1.6728.58.3.01)
  • Brodware City Stik Basin Mixer with Swivel Spout Chrome (1.9903.00.0.01)
  • Brodware City Stik Kitchen Mixer with Large Swivel Spout Chrome (1.9908.31.0.01)
  • Brodware City Stik Wall Mixer with Diverter Spout Hand Shower Backplate and Soap Holder Chrome (1.9905.07.0.01)
  • Brodware City Plus Basin Set with Square Swivel Spout Chrome (1.9700.80.3.01)
  • Brodware City Que Lever Wall Set with 150mm Spout Chrome (1.9805.52.3.01)
  • Brodware City Que Wall Set with Swivel Spout Chrome (1.9828.50.2.01)
  • Bastow Bastow Federation Double Towel Rail Chrome (F9112CCH)
  • Bastow Bastow Victorian English Bath Set 150mm Chrome (V3353ECH)
  • Bastow Bastow Georgian Wall Sink Set Chrome (G5996LVCH)
  • Brodware Industrica Wall Set with 180mm Spout Chrome Flow Control (1.6705.50.3.01)