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  • Thor Propane Gas 3 Burner Char Grill (TR-CBR36F LPG)
  • Thor Natural Gas 3 Burner Char Grill (TR-CBR36F NG)
  • Weber Baby Q 1000
  • Weber Family Q Q3100 LPG BBQ
  • Weber Q 1200
  • George Foreman GGR300
  • 8Pcs 2 In 1 Steel Wire BBQ Barbecue Grill Oven Cleaner Cleaning Brush Metal Scrapers
    $53.39 $97.00 -45%
  • Portable Stainless Steel BBQ Charcoal Wood
  • vidaXL Kamado Barbecue Grill Smoker Ceramic 76 cm
    $356.99 $388.99 -8%
  • vidaXL Kamado Barbecue Grill Smoker Ceramic 81 cm
  • Euro Appliances EAL1200RBQ
  • Kamado Barbecue Grill Smoker Ceramic 76 cm (VXL41139)
    $389.95 $589.95 -34%
  • Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes Original 4 KG Long Burning Odourless & Smokeless
  • Grillz Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill (BBQ-SMOKER-SMALL)
    $44.97 $89.95 -50%
  • Grillz BBQ Grill Barbeque Smoker
    $64.95 $139.95 -54%
  • Grillz BBQ Grill Smoker
    $138.95 $272.95 -49%
  • Japanese Korean Ceramic Hibachi BBQ Table Grill
  • BBQ Cover Burner Waterproof Outdoor Gas Charcoal Barbecue Grill Protector-145x61x117cm
    $32.99 $49.49 -33%
  • Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill Outdoor Camping Picnic Barbecue Cooking Folding Tool
    $80.73 $147.00 -45%
  • Non-Stick Mesh Grill Bags BBQ Baking Bag 22 X 27 cm(Large,4 Packs)
    $53.25 $121.95 -56%
  • Cooking Liner AU Grill Mat Non-Stick Mesh Mat Sheet Mintiml BBQ Grill - 40x30cm
    $32.99 $49.49 -33%
  • 12 Inch Round BBQ Smoker Wood Pellet Grill Hot Cold Smoke Generator Smoking Mesh Tube
    $55.15 $100.00 -45%
  • Oklahoma Joe's 8899576 Longhorn Outdoor Grill Combo Cover

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The barbecues, also known as barbecue grill or barbecue stove is a generalized term for all the grilling devices which have been specifically invented to char grill food through the wood fires hot smoke. It is usually powered by a charcoal fuel although more advanced versions use electricity. Using barbecues are often found on cook outs as well as pool parties.

4371-Barbecues > Barbecue1

Different kinds of functions offered by various barbecues

Even if barbecue stoves offer one single expertise in some way differ when it comes to the features and designs they additionally contain. Some have a very compact body and looks as if it is just an attach case. Those durable and portable types are recommended for those who are fond of traveling and discovering new places to hang-out in.


However, others have the enormous body which can grill more food at once. Although it saves you of time and energy, it does not necessarily allow you to carry it anywhere. It is just limited to a single location, which means, you may have to stick to that individual place or grill the food and then go out. Most often than not, these types of barbecues are placed near the house pool or beside the backyard table.

Bucket Barbecue

The bucket barbecue offers you the very portable design which allows you to take it anywhere under the sun and literally be the wind beneath your wings. It has the simplicity that can even be used by kids who want to have some cooking play time. However, as it is not big enough, it takes time to get every meat cooked as it can only fit one to three meats at once. These are ideal for picnics as it does not have the usual stand for additional height. It can sit with you straight on the floor.

4371-Barbecues > KettleBarbecue

Charcoal Kettle Barbecue

Simply put, this type of grilling device is nothing but compact. From the word itself, "Kettle", it kind of looks like a kettle and has the portability of it as well. You can go anywhere and have the assurance that it will not eat up space. It looks pretty cute, too.


Trolley-style Barbecue

This offers foodies the adjustable cooking height that is very much essential for a lot of parties right now. It may look as if it is complicated to put together, but the truth is, assembling them is a piece of cake. It has a larger than usual grilling area so you do not need to wait in vain and starve in hunger for a very long time. Most trolleys have a stylish look that can add up to the already beautiful surroundings it is placed in.

Charcoal Masonry Barbecue

This kind of grilling system is generally made from marble and stone. It has an easy fire system and embers stop. However, this kind of grilling device cannot guarantee that you will go on a speed of light when it comes to getting the job done. It is somehow what people from earlier generations used.

Nonetheless, it can fit a couple of barbecue sticks as it has two trays. Aside from being compact, it is quite stylish and can still be brought outside and will surely get compliments.

Gas Barbecues

Now back to the future. The gas barbecue grilling system is a very modern device which typically has three burners on it and has a very ergonomic feel as it can be cleaned in but a breeze. It has a sophisticated minimalist look and a portable body to go with it. Thus, giving you the ability to show it off to friends and more as it will surely get lots of attention.

3-Burner Gas Barbecue

Just like the one mentioned above, this is also a gas barbecue grilling system, with additional innovation like its 3 burners and the upgraded ability to heat up faster. That means you can skip the agonizing waiting moments before you can actually dive into cooking. It kind of looks like a typical stove as it has automatic ignitions and switches.

Ten of the Most Prestigious Barbecues4371-Barbecues > Barbecue3

Just like every kind of device, barbecues also have the top ten carefully chosen brands which are in the main priorities and options of most sellers and buyers. So when it comes to grills, these ten should be checked out first:


The Black + Blum recognized for looking like a terracotta pot.

The Dunelm Mill has the design of a detachable coal tray.

The Landmann has a cooking grate plated from chrome, fire bowls which are enameled, and has rubberized lid clips.

The Firepits UK is known for its longevity and strength.

The La Hacienda has the versatility and can be used for heat logs, charcoals or even woods.

The Weber Q100 is the easiest to clean and conducts the heat evenly in the underneath surface.

The Argos has a reasonable price for a family size kettle charcoal barbecue.

The Jamie Oliver is somewhat the elite as it has four burners which use lava rocks that add up to the flavor of the food.

The Weber Q220 can be called as the high-tech one as it uses the push of a button to operate.

Lastly, the Cobb is known for its competence and an accurate time of three hours of cooking period.

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