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In this category, we have items that are meant to give you an easy time when feeding your baby. From baby bottles all the way to baby food, you can be sure that you will find the perfect item for your baby. Some of the baby feeding utensils that we have includes baby bottles, sterilizers and pacifiers among others. Imagine how much laundry you would have to do if you had to do a complete change of clothes after every meal? We have bibs with all designs just to make Read More

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  • Tiny Fox
    PreVent Butterfly Pacifier - 12m+
  • Tiny Fox
    Closer To Nature Express & Go Milk Pouches, 20 Pack
  • Tiny Fox
    Closer To Nature Bottle Feeding Starter Kit: Includes Bottles and Teats
  • Tiny Fox
    Ride on Suitcase (London Bus)
  • Tiny Fox
    Kids Lunch Cooler Bag (Dino T Rex)
  • Tiny Fox
    Kids Bottle (Traffic) - 400mL
  • Tiny Fox
    Little Friendlies Musical Penguin Teether
  • Tiny Fox
    Little Friendlies Happy Hippo Teether
  • Dr Brown's Bottle Cleaning Brush - Large
  • Dr Brown's Narrow Neck Level 1 Teats - 2 Pack
  • Dr Brown's 180ml Training Cup - Soft Spout (Pink)
  • Dr Brown's Narrow Neck Y-Cut Teats - Size 4 (2 Pack)
  • Dr Brown's Wide Neck Level 4 Teats - 2 Pack
  • Dr Brown's 250ml Feeding Bottle with Level 1 Teat - 2 Pack
  • Tiny Fox
    Stick & Stay Suction Plate (Navy)
  • Tiny Fox
    Plastic Feeding Spoon, Multipack