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  • 1000LPH Aquarium Filter (AQ-HW504)
    $49.97 $119.95 -58%
  • Blue Planet Glass Aquarium 61x30x38cm 65L
    $89.95 $128.99 -30%
  • Aquarium Pond Oxygen Air Pump Single Outlet AQUA-AP-HP-400
  • 3000LPH Aquarium Fountain Pond Submersible Water Pump (AQ-SPH-6350)
    $49.98 $79.95 -37%
  • Blue Planet Aquarium Stand for 156L Glass Aquarium
    $169.95 $255.99 -34%
  • 400L/H Aqua Aquarium External Canister Filter (AQ-HW603B)
    $39.97 $99.95 -60%
  • 1400LPH Aquarium Filter (AQ-HW303)
    $109.96 $149.95 -27%
  • 2.5m 1600L/H Aqua Aquarium Filter Pump Submersible Pump (AQ-JP025F-35)
    $29.98 $39.95 -25%
  • Aquarium Pond Oxygen Air Pump 4 Outlets AQUA-AP-HP-1116
  • 35,000Pa Aquarium / Pond Pump (AQ-AP65)
    $109.96 $149.95 -27%
  • Submersible Water Pump 10000L/H (AQUA-CFP-10000)
    $119.97 $179.95 -33%
  • 10000L/H Aqua Aquarium External UV Light Canister Filter and Media (AQ-CPF250-15)
    $139.98 $239.95 -42%
  • Blue Planet Classic Aquarium 70L
    $189.95 $292.99 -35%
  • Blue Planet Aquarium Vista HPLED 160L
    $489.95 $799.99 -39%
  • Blue Planet Aquarium Kit 16L
    $39.95 $54.99 -27%
  • Blue Planet Cabinet for Vista 160
    $379.95 $557.99 -32%
  • Blue Planet Aquarium Atlantis HPLED
    $399.95 $620.99 -36%
  • Blue Planet Aquarium Deco O Mini 10L White
    $99.95 $152.99 -35%
  • Blue Planet Aquarium Deco O 20L Black
    $159.95 $231.99 -31%
  • Blue Planet Stand Black for Atlantis
    $224.95 $365.99 -39%
  • Blue Planet Classic Aquarium 50L
    $189.95 $239.99 -21%

Buying guide

An aquarium is not just an adornment for your home, but is also a perfect item for relieving your stress. Shopping online for aquarium and accessories makes a lot of sense because you can instantly go through all the options in terms of shape and size and then buy safely.


5675-activated-carbon-aquarium-accessoriesWhat to look for in aquarium and accessories?

Get the right shape and size

The first element to consider in aquarium and accessories is the shape and size. For the shape, you can choose between rectangular and circular fish tanks. As far as the size is concerned, you need first to calculate how much space you have available and then go through the dimensions of the displayed aquariums.


Choose your aquarium as per the fish type

You should also choose aquarium and accessories depending on the kind of fish you want to pet. For instance, for saltwater fish, you need a saltwater aquarium. If you intend to buy a small, circular aquarium, you will probably use it for your goldfish.


Buy the right accessories

Your aquarium accessories need to be bought carefully. There are essential items like water and air pumps, filters and protein skimmers that you have to buy. For a tropical fish aquarium, you also need to buy the right kind of decorations to create that tropical environment – plants and rocks and so on.



How to choose your aquarium and accessories according to your need?

5675-aquarium-ph-accessoriesChoose a wall mounted aquarium if you have kids

If you have kids at home, a wall mounted aquarium should be ideal for your home. This aquarium cannot be removed from its place and everyone will be safe – including the kids and the fish!


Choose a large aquarium with many fish for stress relief

Aquariums are able to relieve stress and it is a proven fact. If you intend to use your aquarium for this purpose, then it is best to buy a large, rectangular piece with lots of colourful fish. As the fish swim about, your eyes will follow their colour and movement patterns and you will feel the stress going out of your body slowly.


Buy an aquarium kit for instant use

If you are not into installation and straightaway want to place your aquarium in its designated place, opt for an aquarium kit. The kit contains everything you need in aquarium and accessories – filters and pumps and food and so on. If required, you can upgrade the parts and accessories later on.



5675-rectangular-aquariumWhat are the most popular aquarium and accessories?

The Fluval Studio 600-inch Aquarium Set is a beautiful product that can hold 125 litres of water. This beautiful product can hold many fish.


In order for your fish to survive, the acid or alkaline level of the water needs to be just right. The Sonline Digital PH Meter Water Tester is a pen type tester with an LCD Monitor. It is able to measure the pH range between 0.0 and 14.0.


Marineland Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon is useful for removing odours, impurities and discoloration of the water. It helps you maintain sparkling clean water and keep your fish healthy.



You will be able to buy the right aquarium and accessories when you consider the shape and size of the aquarium and use the right products depending upon the type of fish that you intend to keep. Ensure that you window shop online to be able to pick just the right aquarium.

Newest Products

  • Fish Aquarium Tank LED Light Tube Blue White 60cm AQ-LED-60
  • Aquarium Pond Oxygen Air Pump 4 Outlets AQUA-AP-HP-1116
  • Aquarium Fish Tank External Canister Water Filter w/UV Bulb AQ-UVF-3028
  • Aquarium Nano Fish Tank w/ Filter Media Pump LED Light AQ-TANK-28L
  • Aquarium Pond Oxygen Air Pump Single Outlet AQUA-AP-HP-400
  • Aquarium External Fish Tank Canister Filter 1800LPH with UV Bulb AQ-UVF-3318
  • Submersible Water Pump 10000L/H (AQUA-CFP-10000)
  • 3000LPH Aquarium Fountain Pond Submersible Water Pump (AQ-SPH-6350)
  • 2400L/H External Aquarium Filter/Pump P6000 (AQUEFPPROA6M0)
  • 2000LPH Aquarium Filter (AQ-HW304)
  • 1850L/H External Aquarium Filter/Pump (AQUEFPPROA4M0)
  • 10000L/H Aqua Aquarium External UV Light Canister Filter and Media (AQ-CPF250-15)
  • 10000L/H Pressurised Aquarium Filter P8000 (AQUEFIPROA8M0)
  • 3000L/hr Submersible Water Pump (AQ-SP3000)
  • 5000L/hr Submersible Water Pump (AQ-SP5000)
  • 2500LPH Aquarium Fountain Pond Submersible Water Pump (AQ-SPH-6250)

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