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Rugby is one of the most aggressive sport that involves a lot of physical contacts. The nature of rugby demands the players to adorn perfect clothing for protection. Rugby clothing includes shirts, shorts, socks, and vests. Rugby shirts commonly referred as jerseys are the most worn among rugby clothing because they are worn on and off the field.This buying guide will help you to buy the best rugby clothing whether it is to play rugby games or to watch the rugby world cup on television. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Essentials of Rugby Clothing

Rugby tops

Shirts or Jerseys? Rugby shirts are the most visible clothing worn by rugby players, and they are almost similar to the ones worn by football players. The only difference is that they have collars. The shirts are designed for both players and the public at large. The jerseys may be long sleeved or short sleeved. Long sleeved ones are common in countries with cold climate while short sleeves are the most popular and are used in warm weather. Because rugby is a physically demanding sport, the shirts are designed to withstand all kind of pulling and grabbing. When shopping for a rugby shirt these factors should be considered: the shirt’s uses, style preferences, and fabric.


Polo Shirt versus Rugby Shirt? Because these shirts have a collar button combination and their shape is similar to polo shirts, many people get confused when shopping. Although they look similar, the collar of a rugby shirt is shorter and stiff, so it is not easy to manipulate it.
Who actually wear rugby shirts? The most common use is by rugby players. Rugby shirts for the players often have specific design patterns and colors in addition to their durable material. They also have a visible number at the back assigned to a specific player. The patterns and colors are often affiliated with the country and team the players represent.


The other use of the jerseys is for recreational purposes. It may be worn as normal daily clothing or as party clothing. Jerseys worn casually are often made from materials that allow maximum breathability such as cotton.
The materials used differ depending on the use of the jersey. For casual use, the common material is cotton which is considered a breathable fabric. For rugby players, their jerseys are made from a blend of cotton and polyester and rubber buttons. The rubber buttons help to prevent rugby shirts from tearing and ripping. A blend of cotton and polyester ensures the longevity of rugby clothing.

rugby jersey RWC 2015

Rugby player’s shorts are stiff to withstand wear and tear resulting from pulling and grabbing. Materials such as cotton and climalite fabric are recommended as they are durable and inelastic. The shorts are generally short, and some have no pocket to enable the players move freely. Some shorts have side pockets like the Carta sport mens short. Rugby shorts fit tightly to the waist to prevent them from falling when pulled.


Padded rugby vests have built-in compartments that protect the chest, collarbone, and shoulders. The vests are made of breathable synthetic materials and lightweight foam. In the field, rugby players encounter situations that require them to mass together to get hold of the ball. A padded vest comes in handy in such situations as it protects the players from harm.


In addition to tackling opponents, rugby players make use of their hands when tossing and catching the ball. In cold wet weather the gloves help the players to firmly grip the ball while protecting their hands and fingers from numbness. Experts’ advice on using fleece-lined gloves during cold weather, and unlined gloves during warm weather. Most gloves are fingerless because of the IRB regulation.



Rugby socks should be knee high and well fitted to prevent them from falling. Socks often have the same colors as the jerseys. Rugby socks are either thick or thin. The thickness chosen depends on the prevailing climate. Synthetic materials such as polyester and spandex are used when making thin socks for warm weather. Cotton is used for thick socks worn during cold weather. When shopping for socks, it’s advisable to select socks that have an arch support and padded foot. Good examples of socks that have a cushioned footbed are the Canterbury playing socks.

Why wear rugby clothing?

Rugby players have no choice than to wear the required rugby clothing when playing. The clothing is important in identifying players with their numbers, teams or countries. The clothing also helps in protecting rugby players from harm due to the pulling, tugging and grabbing experienced while playing


For recreational purposes, rugby clothing is used by rugby fans to show support to their teams and specific rugby players. Recently rugby shirts have become popular as a fashion item for both men and women. People who are not rugby fans are also shopping for rugby jerseys because of their popularity. Don’t miss to buy the All Blacks jerseySpringboks jersey or jersey from any other rugby team for the Rugby World Cup 2015.


When shopping for rugby clothing, always ensure that you are aware of its intended use so that you can make an informed decision. For people who love to be associated with brands, there are reputable brands that have rugby clothing. The popular brands include: Fila, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Adidas and Stone Island.

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