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Despite all the marketing done for the weight loss pills and the magical fitness solutions, regular exercises is most certainly the cheapest and most rewarding way to become fitter and healthier. Most people give up on exercises and activities because they are not able to see tangible results soon. An activity tracker is a device that monitors fitness-related metrics. When you start using an activity tracker, you will be able to see different data like calories lost and miles walked and so on. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Choosing your Activity Tracker


What do you want to track?

There are many things that you can track with your activity tracker. When you consider some of the modern trackers, you will find that your body is always being monitored. This is important for you to know because you will then understand your body better. You may even use the data to get counselled by an expert. The tracking that you need done through your activity tracker can include the number of steps you take in a day and the total distance covered, the number of stairs that you climbed in a day (if you indeed do), the number of calories you shed in a day and also the quality of your sleep. All these components make sure that everything related to your fitness is being tracked.

Fitbit One

Consider some of the more advanced features

If you intend to increase your budget, then you can buy an even more advanced activity tracker. Consider those trackers that help you monitor your heart rate. Such a tracker can make you more aware of your health and thus, create a fitness plan accordingly.


Manage your speed and improve it

Motivation is one of the most important elements in fitness. It is common knowledge that it is far more difficult to lose a pound than gaining one. You should buy an activity tracker that monitors your speed when you walk or jog. The data generated by the tracker will help you consider your current speed and then motivate you to increase it gradually. And the faster you walk or jog, the more you lose calories. This will result in loss of weight and a fitter body.


The display of the tracker

The display options available in the modern activity trackers vary from model to model. In some of the models, there are light codes that indicate how you are performing in your endeavour to lose weight. There are also those models where you can see the data in an LED screen. The kind of display you will choose completely depends on you because the data generated is the same. Go through some of the models so that you can make the right choice.

Jawbone up24 

Consider the style and power

Does style matter in your activity tracker? To an extent it does. This is a gadget that you will probably wear on your wrist and you would want it to look nice. It is common habit to choose a better looking product for the same price if you get one and this is no different with an activity tracker. Power does matter because any activity tracker will be powered by a battery. The more powerful the battery is, the lesser you will need to charge the tracker.


Which activity tracker for which use?

If you want just about the basic activity tracker, then go for it by all means. Just make sure that it has some of the more important features to prove useful to you. The Fitbit Force tracker is an excellent one in this category. It fits on your wrist and shows you all the relevant data through a LED display. Apart from all the features mentioned above, this tracker lets you sync with your PC or smartphone in wireless mode. It is also compatible with some of the most popular fitness apps like My Fitness Pal and Map My Fitness.


Minimalistic and stylish come together in the Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker. This tracking band is comfortable to wear and looks really cool. It helps you monitor all the relevant stats and is one of the best in terms of display. As of now, it is only compatible with iOS devices. It is not known when Jawbone will release for Android.

Misfit Shine


Smartwatches have suddenly become one of the most popular devices on the planet and if you are careful about selecting your smartwatch, you can get your activity tracker for free. The advantage of buying a smartwatch that doubles as an activity tracker is that one device serves multiple purposes for you. You can also use the entire range of fitness apps thrown into the picture. This does seem a smart purchase decision. With such a wide range of smartwatches now available in the market, there is no reason why you should not consider this purchase. In this category, Apple’s iWatch is the most stylish choice (releasing in 2015), but the Motorola Moto 360 is already a great value you can purchase.

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