Action Camera Accessories

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Buying guide

Choosing your action camera accessories


The battery and charger are the most important parts

Although this may seem trivial, you need to make sure that your action camera doesn’t give up on you at the most important moment. Hence, when you pack your action cam, you also need to pack your spare batteries and charger. It is also worthwhile picking up a power bank in case there is no place to charge your camera batteries. Action cameras batteries and chargers are among the most critical accessories the lack of which has haunted many.


A lens protector helps you save money

An action camera lens protector is another critical accessory for your action camera. You will use your action camera during adventures and there is quite a chance that it falls on a hard surface. The lens could be destroyed before you blink an eye. With a hard lens protector, you only expose this fragile part of you action camera when it's really needed: during the video recording!


Increase life with skeleton frames

Continuing with safety and protection, it is also advisable that you get a hard skeleton frame for your action camera. This skeleton frame will protect the whole body of the camera if it falls on a hard surface. Again, this purchase makes sense because you don’t want your amazing (and often quite expensive) action camera destroyed. You also get water resistant cases for action cameras which reveal absolutely necessary when recording in a wet environment or even undersea!


Choose mounting frames for the best visuals

There are many mounting frames available as action camera accessories. These frames make it easy for you to handle your camera during times of intense action. For instance, if you are on a surfboard, a surfboard mount will work well for you. You can attach your camera to the surfboard using the mount and capture some amazing footages of your tricks in the water. There are other types of mounts that are available with action cameras and you need to make your choice depending on when and where you are planning to use your action camera.


Get convenience with a remote control

A remote control could be a highly useful accessory for your action camera. With the remote control not only can you watch live action on your camera, but also control the camera when you attach it to a TV or a laptop later on. This is one accessory that many action camera users choose to use and enjoy in so many situations!


Stands could be important

It is totally possible that you would use your action camera even when there is no adventure. For instance, you may just want to capture the sunrise when you are on a vacation. In such cases, you will need steady hands to capture the scene. An action camera stand could come in handy here. There are monopods, bipods and tripods that are available to buy with action cams and you may want to explore all the possibilities online before making your choice (price is an important factor here).


Which action camera accessorie for which use?


If you are planning to use your action camera underwater, you must invest in accessories that keep your action camera waterproof. There are two accessories that immediately come to mind. One is a waterproof case for your action camera and the other is a waterproof skeleton mount for the camera. You can use one of these accessories or both of them.


If your action involves the use of a helmet, then you need to buy a helmet mount for your action camera. A helmet mount attaches the camera to the front portion of your helmet so that the action is captured in POV mode. In fact, you should get an entire set of mounts so that you are always prepared to capture the action in POV mode. The GoPro grab bag of mounts is an excellent choice. You can also use a chest mount for capturing POV action from a different angle. The GoPro chest mount harness is a fine product.


There are many pet lovers who attach action cameras to their pets. This allows them to see what their pet was up to when they were not around. It's great fun watching the animals go about their way when they are alone. With the GoPro Fetch dog harness, you can have a great time watching the videos of your pet dog in action.



Remote controls allow you to manoeuvre your action camera from a distance. You can opt for the GoPro smart remote or Wi-Fi remote for this.

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