Vs Bodyboard

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    1. Bodyboard VS Flame (POS-220594)
    2. Bodyboard VS Flame (POS-220594)

      Truly a beginners board, the Flame boasts quality construction without the outrageous costs, the Flame is the fitting board to get your ground in...

    3. $99.95
    1. Bodyboard VS Vision (POS-220597)
    2. Bodyboard VS Vision (POS-220597)

      Widen your gaze and move forward with your bodyboarding, the Vision is an excellent mid range board for the rider looking to extend their...

    3. $149.95
    1. Bodyboard VS Winnie Torque PE (POS-220593)
    2. Bodyboard VS Winnie Torque PE (POS-220593)

      For those wanting a more flexible and affordable high quality model, Dave Winchester has brought you his 2014/2015 range with VS. PE Core is the...

    3. $229.94
    1. Bodyboard VS Stone PP (POS-220598)
    2. Bodyboard VS Stone PP (POS-220598)

      Jake Stone was the 2014 ABA Tour Champ, apart of the VS team has developed his own pro model bodyboards, which feature the latest in boarding...

    3. $389.95