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With more and more people becoming conscious about maintaining their health or reducing weight, treadmills have become a pivotal part of life. Treadmill is one of those effective cardio equipment that offers exercise for all body parts and because of its simple design, it can be kept in home or commercial property for enjoying a walk without going out in sultry sun, raging rain or biting cold conditions. Currently, a variety of treadmills are offered by different companies, which provide users an opportunity to stay healthy while getting their requirements fulfilled. Read this buying guide to know factors and types of treadmills that can be considered for a healthy investment. Read Buying Guide
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    1. BH Fitness Cruiser V55 Deluxe Treadmill (GA6255B)
    2. BH Fitness Cruiser V55 Deluxe Treadmill (GA6255B)

      The BH Fitness Cruiser V55 Deluxe Treadmill is designed for intensive home use of up to 20 hours per week. The electronic console features 60...

    3. $2,999.00
    1. BH Fitness i.V1 i.Concept Treadmill (G6350B)
    2. BH Fitness i.V1 i.Concept Treadmill (G6350B)

      Change the way you exercise with the i.V1 i.Concept Treadmill from BH Fitness. It allows you to connect your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth to...

    3. $2,199.00
    1. BH Fitness Pioneer Star Treadmill (G6445N)
    2. BH Fitness Pioneer Star Treadmill (G6445N)

      Go beyond your fitness goals with BH Fitness' Pioneer Star Treadmill, which is easy to set up and transport - making it ideal for regular home use....

    3. $1,398.00
    1. BH Fitness T100 Treadmil (BT6441)
    2. BH Fitness T100 Treadmil (BT6441)

      Maintain your fitness levels in the privacy and comfort of your own home with the T100 Treadmill from BH Fitness that features 6 pre-set programs...

    3. $1,099.00
    1. Healthstream SX20/SX21 Treadmill
    2. Healthstream SX20/SX21 Treadmill


    3. $1,099.00
    1. Lifespan Gold 2.0 Treadmill
    2. Lifespan Gold 2.0 Treadmill

      22kph Max Speed 3.0 CHP EverDrive" Motor Adv. Running Deck (L145cm x W51cm) Automatic Incline ShockControl" Advanced Cushioning

    3. $1,299.00
    1. Lifespan Master Treadmill
    2. Lifespan Master Treadmill

      2 Year Replacement Part Warranty + $100 Value Pack included

    3. $1,199.00
    1. Lifespan Prime Commercial Model Treadmill
    2. Lifespan Prime Commercial Model Treadmill

      A commercial grade treadmill built with a large AC motor. 2 Years Parts Warranty

    3. $2,299.00
    1. Lifespan Torque Treadmill
    2. Lifespan Torque Treadmill

      The Torque 2 Treadmill is known for its strong 3.0 continuous Horse-power motor which allows for high performance for users of all sizes and abilities

    3. $999.00
    1. Lifespan Viper Treadmill
    2. Lifespan Viper Treadmill

      Bluetooth Technology extra large running deck

    3. $1,699.00
    1. Paradigm Pacer 2400 Treadmill (PDG0034)
    2. Paradigm Pacer 2400 Treadmill (PDG0034)

      Get into shape without having to leave home with the Paradigm Pacer 2400 Treadmill, which will match your pace, is conveniently designed, and will...

    3. $1,685.00
    1. Spirit Meditrack Treadmill (LCT80)
    2. Spirit Meditrack Treadmill (LCT80)

      Get fit from home with the Spirit Meditrack Treadmill. The Spirit Treadmill offers an easy to use system, will track your necessary information...

    3. $1,495.00
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