Helicopter Hands On Flight

Helicopter Hands On Flight
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Helicopter Hands On Flight

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Before you take off in the helicopter, your instructor will brief you on safety and what to expect during your flight. The airport has its own tower controlled airspace so you'll be able to hear all the details as the pilot requests permission for take-off. You'll be astounded by the vertical take-off and the fun continues as you are introduced to the controls for forward, backward and sideways flight. You'll find out how to stay motionless in the air and when you are ready, your instructor will transfer the controls over to you.The adrenalin will climb as you take the controls and manoeuvre the helicopter yourself. Your instructor will demonstrate the techniques with some low flying and different movements which you will be able to learn and apply during your 40 minute helicopter flight. ... MoreAlong the way, if you are feeling up to it, your instructor will demonstrate a simulated engine failure -a manoeuvre that's not for the feint hearted but it's entirely up to you.

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