Western Digital WD TV Live

Western Digital WD TV Live

Western Digital WD TV Live Review

  • 4.9 / 5
    • The good:
      Awesome concept and mechanics
    • The bad:
      Poor quality control due to some defective issues

    The Western Digital WD TV Live is a Media Player which is Network-ready and supports an enormous range of various devices and file formats. It proposes an internet content and a play network that are impeccable. It comes with a fully functional and totally modified remote control.


    It is also able to play exquisite High Definition videos, music and photos, among others, through the help of your very own HD TV. Primarily, the function of this media player is to supply you with the right amount of access for your files anywhere in the world with the intended help of the home network. This HD media player’s versatility goes beyond camcorders, digital cameras, portable media players, and other recognizable devices with the assistance of the mighty USB port.


    The storage capacity is also limitless because all you need to do is add more USB drives, and voila! You have yourself a fully equipped media player. The Picture Transfer Protocol that the Western Digital WD TV Live has boasts about its capability to transfer and receive files easily and with no fuss. It shows the photos, movies and other formats directly through your gadget without the need to use a card reader. These ultra-compact media device spoil you with its WiFi ready material that gives techies the freedom to search all they want ad have an enormous amount of fun time as it also supports an impeccable number of file formats.That basically means, you get to do whatever it is that you want without being bound by an “Unknown Format” of such.


    The WD TV Live is pretty much similar to its predecessor known as the WD. However, there is such differentiator like the hues and the matte grey design. Other than that, users will surely feel right at home with its unchanged features that are already amazing just the way it is. Avid fans of the WD will get the same comfort they are yearning for with the aid of the WD TV Live.


    It comes with a reasonable price and does not come across as taking advantage of those who are in love with the device. A lot of people have been testifying that they have been using these products for quite some time and have never experienced a single problem with it. Now that is impressive. But then again, there are still those who have unluckily experienced a troublesome encounter with this media player. Complaints have been made on how this does not function consistently and tends to shut down every three minutes or so. Those poor customers have said that this is more of a useless working plastic box. However, these rare scenarios should not be the stumbling block for you not to buy it. No matter what, experiencing it for your self is the best teacher. Plus, it is not that pricey at all. So if you want to give it a shot, be sure to get a long warranty if you are for a sure deal. Otherwise, a great buy,

  • Product description
    • The Western Digital WD TV Live is manufactured by Western Digital and was added in December 2014 in the Media Player section
    • This product has a rating of 4.9 out of 5