Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600

Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600

Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600 Review

  • 3.8 / 5
    • The good:
      good suction power, easy way of cleaning, less noise, 8 meter cord, consists of swivels with turbo heads, filters can be washed, can be attached with car
    • The bad:
      warranty service is not good, too heavy

    There are certain significant machines which makes our life easier. Among those, one which deserves special mention is Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600. This product is known for providing quality services. This vacuum cleaner does not contain any vacuum bag to collect the dust.


    There is a special software inside the machine that can collect the dust within a jiffy. Therefore, it is not an old fashion vacuum cleaner that we are generally used to. There is no loss while dealing with suction period, which makes Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600 a favorable choice for many. The power which is used for suction process is the Multi cyclonic power. There are two types of brushes attached with the machine. One is a small one and another is larger in size.


    Therefore, this vacuum cleaner is apt for cleaning up and collecting small tiny hairs of pets as well, keeping your house clean and hygienic at the same time. The filtration which is used in this machine, namely Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600 is anti-bacterial in nature and the tag number is HEPA H12. The hose pipe available with this set is quite flexible and the case is the same with the handle as well. It makes this cleaner quite easy for handling and using, without any hassle. There is a turbo brush as well which is quite large in size and is available with the whole pack. There is yet another important tool attached with this set and it is known as turbo tool which is small in size.


    Crevial tool is a significant part of this vacuum cleaner, Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600. There is also the washable filer available which works on a pre-motor system. There is also a dust brush along with upholstery which can be defined as the 2 in 1 service for those who want something best in everything. The floor tool attached with the set has a strong combination which is stated as the Wessel Werk system. The powerful suction power is marked by the multi cyclonic system which makes the vacuum cleaner a strong and successful choice among all.


    The motor power which is attached with Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600 is of 1600 Watts and the Air watts which are used for the same purpose is of 320 watts. There is a limited dust collecting capacity which is of 2.6L. The company provides 3 years warranty services for the cleaner. The product is a little bit heavy but it is all worth it. The significant aspects related with it, makes it a favorable one when compared with others. However, there are certain negative sides related with Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600, even though, the numbers are quite less. The product is quite heavy with a bad warranty service.

  • Product description
    • The Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600 is manufactured by Vax and was added in December 2014 in the Vacuum Cleaners section
    • This product has a rating of 3.8 out of 5