Tiffany OVT01

Tiffany OVT01

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    • Tiffany Turbo Convection Oven (OVT01)

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  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Features mechanical timer and has large size; Ability of achieving variable temperature control; Faster operation compared to conventional cookers
    • The bad:
      May not attain full functionality of a regular-size oven; Power-consuming

    Tiffany OVT01 Convection Oven Express Cooker comes as portable low-cost gadget that includes all gains of large convection oven, though at fraction of its cost. It is able to preserve flavor while still cooking and has an extension ring for performing large roasts and keeps food tender and moist while roasting. You can enjoy fat-free cooking using this large-size oven.


    With this Tiffany express oven model, you get all the benefits which come along with a large convection oven and can roast, grill, bake, steam, reheat, boil or even defrost food. Cooking is always done using hot air (dry roasting), where food gets suspended on wire rack, thus minimizing fat retention that lowers calories and consumption of cholesterol. Cooking takes place efficiently with hot circulating air and the cooker allows for faster cooking than conventional ovens, only consuming electricity in same amounts as a microwave. The OVT01 from Tiffany as well features variable temperature control, extension ring and timer, which provide ultimate control over cooking. Volume space gets extended via extension ring, thereby accommodating larger recipes.


    The cooker has a number of critical abilities and features which enable it to function impressively. These include variable temperature control, mechanical timer, large-roast extension ring, preservation of flavor while cooking, retention of moisture and tenderness as food roasts, full-portability. Others include instant heat action, wash/thaw function, fat-free cooking, faster compared to conventional cooking, 50Hz, 1400 watts, 230-240V alternating current use. It measures approximately 40cm x 33cm x 38cm in terms of Length x Width x Height and roughly weighs 7.10kg.


    A convection oven is also called fan-assisted oven or just fan oven and functions by circulating air all around food. The conventional ovens lack fans and primarily rely upon radiation from oven walls and natural convection to lesser extent, which is occasioned by temperature differentials inside the oven, for transferring heat onto food. Fans in convection ovens in contrast allow for more heat to get transferred through convective transfer of heat.


    Fans aid in distributing heat evenly all around food, therefore removing cool-air blanket surrounding food within an oven. This allows more cooking of food at lower temperature and within less time than in a regular convectional oven. Convection ovens feature fans surrounded by heating elements which provide heat. A small fan is available too which circulates air within the cooking chamber.


    In general, convection ovens could include radiant sources of heat at both top and bottom regions. This action improves heat transfer, speeding up cooking from initial cold starts. Certain ovens in contrast have various heating elements placed in outside enclosure and hidden away from food. It all reduces effect of radiant heat on food, although the oven walls also get heated by circulating hot air. The temperature which results is much lower compared to that of any radiant heat source, but still is not sufficient to deliver heating action through radiant action from walls. Tiffany OVT01 comes with warranty of 12 months and has capacity of 17L.