Sony Xperia Z Ultra 4G LTE

Sony Xperia Z Ultra 4G LTE

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    • Sony XPERIA Z Ultra 4G LTE Android Smartphone C6833 - WHITE + FREE GIFT + 12MTH LOCAL WARRANTY
    • Sony XPERIA Z Ultra 4G LTE Android Smartphone C6833 - WHITE + FREE GIFT + 12MTH LOCAL WARRANTY

      Full 12 MONTH Australian Warranty
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Sony Xperia Z Ultra 4G LTE Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Snapdragon 800 processor; Great display; Amazing battery life
    • The bad:
      Too massive; Flash lacking; Sharp angular design

    Sony Xperia Z Ultra 4G LTE is indeed a huge phone, at 6.4-inches and runs on Android technology. It features a Full High Definition display and is powered by the same Snapdragon 800 Qualcomm quadcore CPU that was quite impressive on Sony Xperia Z1.


    The Xperia Z Ultra from Sony sandwiches back and front glass panels in-between an aluminum frame. It possesses anti-scratch plastic film on either side to afford it protection from keys and coins, just as with Xperia Z and comes in black, purple and white. Corners of this massive Smartphone are curved subtly and do not press into palm when held. One important advantage it has is of being IP8-certified and dustproof. It is waterproof to depth of five feet for 30 minutes, once the rubber-sealed side latches get closed, which is better than the three feet achieved by original Xperia Z.


    The lack of a camera trigger button renders water resistance less useful to a large extent, unless one habitually drops the phone while bathing or swimming for instance. The Xperia Z Ultra from Sony is strikingly thin, at 6.5mm thick and weighs in at 212g, owing to its premium construction materials. Interestingly, Sony and Samsung both notoriously lack consistency of port, button and speaker placement in their products. The volume rocker and aluminum on/off stay put and now are joined by microSIM and microSD card slots. A 3.5mm headphone jack lies opposite the microUSB port which remains as well on left side of the Xperia Z.     


    Quite surprising and perhaps a bit frustrating is the decision of moving the Ultra’s speaker to phone bottom. This move ends up occasioning hand-blocking of speaker when in landscape mode, leading to drowning of sound. The latches across card slots are more robust compared to previous Xperia Smartphones. Single-handed operation of this smartphone is quite challenging, however. Reaching thumb to the screen center requires some good stretching. Still, you can fit it perfectly into the pocket. Sony Xperia Z Ultra 4G LTE has TFT display with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and features Triluminos display as well as Sony’s Bravia Engine 2 technology. The outcome is sharper images and more natural colors. Great improvements are evident on the screen including ‘sensor on lens’ facility, which helps improve viewing angles clearly.


    Color depth and range are also impressive on the Z Ultra, offering a rich and vibrant HD video and photo experience to users. It’s rather notable that the 344 pixels/inch density fails to hold up entirely on the extra-large Z Ultra screen, despite having vivid colors. The Capacitive screen of this Sony Smartphone supports 10-point multi-touch, offering pen input more interestingly. Though the gadget lacks its own stylus, you still can use a regular pencil, coin or ballpoint pen for interacting with the screen, but this works to different degrees of effectiveness depending on the tool. The slimness which Sony Xperia Ultra Z 4G LTE embraces makes it more challenging resting your palm comfortably in order to write.