Sony Xperia E

Sony Xperia E

  • Manufacturer: Sony
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    • Sony Xperia E1 4GB 3G White (D2005) Unlocked (7311271453598)

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    • Sony Xperia E C1505 SIM Free / Never Locked (White) (12254-AA-WH)

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    • Sony Xperia E C1505

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  • 3.5 / 5
    • The good:
      cheap, compact, lightweight
    • The bad:
      no LED flash, no front camera

    The Sony Xperia E smartphones offer a cheap and acceptable solution to anybody looking for a smartphone. The performance is impressive for the given price range and when you consider the fact that it is available in both single and twin SIM variations, it can be comfortably concluded that the Sony Xperia E has something for everyone.


    Let’s have a look at some of the features that users will get from this cheap entry level smartphone. The most notable feature about the single SIM Sony Xperia E is the fact that it runs on the latest version of Android OS, Android 4.1.1 which is more popularly known as Jelly Bean. The twin SIM version of the smartphone runs on Ice Android 4.0 hence it offers users slightly less when it comes to apps and software. When it comes to performance, users of the Sony Xperia E will get an impressive performance from the 1 GHz Cortex-A5 processor and the Adreno 200 GPU.


    This is not exactly what anyone would term as impressive. However, for an entry level smartphone, the numbers are understandable. This smartphone comes with 512MB of RAM that is backed up by 4GB internal memory. This is enough memory for most of the storage requirements in a smartphone. However, if you feel that this storage is not enough, the device comes with a microSD slot that will enable you to expand this capacity up to 32 GB. The Xperia E weighs only 115 grams and with a relatively smaller 3.5 inch display, you can be sure that handling and storage won’t be a problem with this phone. Just like most of the recent releases of Xperia phones like the Xperia J, the Xperia E has the familiar inward curve of the battery cover.


    However, it is not as prominent as it is in the earlier models. The back part of the Sony Xperia E has the grille for the loudspeaker and a camera lens for the device’s 3.1MP camera. The grille is placed between the battery cover and the bottom plastic. The battery cover is made of rubber and it employs a texture that doesn’t retain finger prints. The front part has the 3.5’ TFT touchscreen. Above it there is the proximity sensor, the earpiece and the status LED. The earpiece is centrally placed. On the lower part of the screen, you will find the menu, back and home keys. These keys will briefly light up when the screen is unlocked and stay off until one of them is tapped.


    They produce sharp haptic vibrations when tapped. The pinhole for the microphone is found on the bottom part of the device below the menu key. The left side has the microUSB port that doubles up as the charging port. The right side has more items, with the volume controls, the power knob and the dedicated camera key.


    Despite the many users who have found this dedicated camera key very useful, there is still a fraction that thinks that it was not very necessary especially considering the fact that it won’t launch the camera with the screen lock on. The audio jack is the only opening on the top part while the bottom doesn’t have any opening. However, there is a hidden LED light that glows when the screen is unlocked. The most notable thing about this LED light is the fact that it glows in a color that matches the selected color theme.