Sony VAIO SVE11116FG E2-1800

Sony VAIO SVE11116FG E2-1800

Sony VAIO SVE11116FG E2-1800 Review

  • 4.8 / 5
    • The good:
      Rich features, Great for Gaming, Lightweight, Stylish, Faster Processor
    • The bad:
      Expensive, Needs Improvement, Some Features Not Necessary

    The Sony VAIO SVE11116FG E2-1800 is the advanced laptop which offers users not only a high quality performance but also the sophistication when it comes to appearance.


    This will definitely go out to every style-driven individual and make them fall in love with the device. The matte finish looks so sleek and feels so smooth that you would not even want to stop touching it. Technically, what you get is the audio quality which has the full surround sound coming from its built-in speakers. Other features include the Clear Phase and the Xloud which work together in order to provide the higher sound quality. Most especially if you try to match that with the High Definition web camera it has which is powered by the Exmor for PC.


    All of these are important most especially for video calling or recording videos via webcam. If you love movies and enjoy gaming very much you will probably notice how precisely remarkable the performance of the AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics is. It has been elaborately placed in the Sony VAIO SVE11116FG in order to enhance its visual appeal. Good thing, there is the built-in Bluetooth for the Sony VAIO SVE11116FG which makes transferring, copying, downloading, sending files and more, possible. The HDMI Output serves as the portal to a more elevated movie experience as it lets you attach the laptop to the wide screen or LCD projector if ever you want to watch something that is downloaded to your computer. But even without that, the quality of the graphics from the Sony looks pretty amazing. It’s not also like any other traditional computer.


    In fact, in a way, it has the qualities which make it quite modern just like how it has the VAIO Gesture control. This acts as the manipulator of the computer. There is the response time which wakes up and sleeps pretty easily. And who would not love to look good on their photos, right? The SVE11116FG has the Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 which lets you do all that. Even though the Sony VAIO is undoubtedly useful, it somewhat disappoints some people as they think that some of its features are not that necessary. It’s as if these additional features haven’t been thought of intently and shouldn’t have been installed in the first place.


    That’s because they feel as if these additions are not that necessary. The price is reasonable even though for what it brings, it’s as if the company went overboard with it. It shouldn’t be that high considering that other features are not as important and can even be deleted without thinking twice. Nevertheless, the Sony VAIO SVE11116FG still gives you the full effort internally and externally as it dares to please all the techie people of this day and age. There are certain issues regarding how long it lasts or how high the price is or if it’s really worth it. Otherwise, this is still the kind of laptop that once you see, you will not be able to let go.

  • Product description
    • The Sony VAIO SVE11116FG E2-1800 is manufactured by Sony and was added in December 2014 in the Laptops section
    • This product has a rating of 4.8 out of 5