Sony PS Vita

Sony PS Vita

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      Large screen, Nice OS, Easy to use
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      Battery life ca be improved, Separate memory cards for games and apps

    The PS Vita is the latest next-generation handheld mobile gaming device from Sony. It is a follow up to the much lauded PlayStation Portable series, but with improved specs and various functions.


    At first glance, the PS Vita looks similar to the PlayStation Portable, but is thicker, heavier, wider and taller than the PSP. It feels a little cramped and uncomfortable to hold. It comes in two varieties: the Wi-Fi only version and the Wi-Fi/3G version, both of which allow users to connect with other players and download upgrades directly in the device. It has a very responsive 5-inch OLED touchscreen, two analog thumb sticks, the standard and traditional buttons on the right and the Directional Pad on the left.


    Also found on the device are shoulder, Start, Select and power button and a game card slot. The touchscreen and control pads have motion control technology, making gaming more fun and enjoyable. Like all PSPs, the PS Vita is a full on multimedia player that can play movies, videos and music. Movies and videos register smooth and detailed in the device's screen. Music also sounds great in the PS Vita. The device also comes with two cameras, one in the front and one in the rear.


    Both do not give the quality resolution of photos taken using smartphones or digital cameras, but the images are still detailed and clear. Aside from taking photos, the cameras are also used in Augmented Reality technology on some games. The PS Vita's OS is impeccable as it is easy to navigate and use. It does not have a huge amount of games in its library due to the required graphics of the device. But it still offers truly enjoyable games that have made the best of what the Sony PS Vita has to offer.


    Unfortunately, users cannot use old UMB discs from previous PlayStation Portable devices on the PS Vita. They can still be played though as downloadable content. Overall, the Sony PS Vita is a great mobile gaming device as it performs well and has a great line up of games and features that bring gaming to a different level.