Sony Alpha SLT-A77

Sony Alpha SLT-A77

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    • Sony A77 M2 ILCA-77M2 Body Only Black Digital SLR Camera (027242879850)
    • Sony A77 M2 ILCA-77M2 Body Only Black Digital SLR Camera (027242879850)

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Sony Alpha SLT-A77 Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Fast, tough and powerful
    • The bad:
      Battery life depletes faster, Slow activation of camera and viewfinder
    Capture those memories with the Sony Alpha SLT-A77. “The world’s fastest DSLR ever”. That is the tag line Sony made to the Sony Alpha SLT-A77. Even with the nickname, the Sony Alpha SLT-A77 is a different breed other than a DSLR as SLT is similar to what a DSLR functions in a camera. So, technically, the Sony Alpha SLT-A77is still a DSLR camera. The main feature of the Sony Alpha SLT-A77 is the SLR technology used in this bad boy. SLR means Single Lens Translucent that makes light passing through the sensor with no mirror needed to move the light away to create exposure. Meaning, the Sony Alpha SLT-A77 can create faster burst speeds than other DSLR cameras. This is important when want to take as many shots as you want with such clarity, focus and color. The Sony Alpha SLT-A77 has speeds of 12fps which is even better and faster than other pricey and branded DSLR cameras. That alone makes it possible to do more when in high speed photography. The Sony Alpha SLT-A77 sports a 24.3 MP resolution, the highest in an APS-C modeled DSLR camera. And 24.3 MP delivers as pictures that are much sharper, detailed and greatly removes or reduce noise from the photos themselves. Another first of the Sony Alpha SLT-A77 is the OLED viewfinder. This makes images pop to much greater color and detail. This also makes it possible to make camera adjustments in real time before pushing the trigger. Toughness and durability is not a problem with the Sony Alpha SLT-A77 as it is made with a magnesium alloy body. Magnesium alloy is known to be a strong yet lightweight metal that has been used in many areas such as aerospace materials for helicopter parts and aircraft wheels, bicycles, electronics, nuclear applications and more. All other parts like the controls and ports are all weather resistant so that you can take the Sony Alpha SLT-A77 anywhere. The Sony Alpha SLT-A77 does not only take pictures also shoots videos like any other DSLR camera. The camera lets you shoot videos in full HD at 1080 resolution. You can also shoot videos on 60p, 60i or 24p movies or as mp4. The Sony Alpha SLT-A77 is a great DSLR camera that has great features on a price lower than other higher end models and brand.