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Samsung Galaxy Y

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    • Samsung GT-S5360 Battery Replacement (GT-S5360)
    • Samsung GT-S5360 Battery Replacement (GT-S5360)

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  • 5 / 5
    • The good:
      Compact, Has lots of features, Easy to use
    • The bad:
      Inconsistent battery life

    The Samsung Galaxy Y is an Android enabled phone that has the Wi-Fi connectible capability and an A-GPS, 3 Inches Touch screen as well as a 2 megapixel camera. This phone's design came from the consistent urbane of the phone's made by Samsung. This one has the compressed design that is most adored by people who are looking for something to be the breath of fresh air and give them a break from the redundancy of the modern large LCD phones. To be honest, this type of phone does not have the groundbreaking ability to sweep someone off their feet as it is pretty simple. But that, dear friend, is what makes it pretty special. This kind of phone is for the simplistic type of person, those who can live with just the ordinary things in life which are slightly made exciting. The Samsung Galaxy Y is like your usual phone that allows you to take calls, send messages, make alarms, and things like that. The only difference is that it has an internet which will let you stay connected on a different level. It has a 2-megapixel camera which is not for the photography addict but then it is quite a credible camera to use for taking pictures or posting something on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sites like that. For the record, this phone's battery life is quite commendable as it has the utter and complete ability to last for a week, if you are lucky. That is actually a case to be tested and not to be expected right on. You know maybe, just maybe, what was stated above is just an overstatement because other customers are witness that the phone has a very short longevity. Generally, due to the fact that it does not have the similar size of main stream phones like an iPhone, this will probably need some getting used to most especially if you are not a newbie when it comes to touch screen phones. The side buttons are actually hard to manage sometimes as it can get easily pressed even if you do not intend to. Due to the fact that the home button and the back button are also touch sensitive, it somewhat gets in the way whenever you try to press something on the screen and the home button senses your touch. So just be careful that you do not get to send two different commands on the phone. The Android features it has is clearly impressive just like the Google Play which will definitely get you on the edge of your seat as it gives you a variety of games and apps to choose from and play around with. This will help you to get a VIP treatment even if it is just online. So to sum it all up, this phone may be small and compact, and it may not be the usual phone that you want to show off, and it may not have the most exaggerated physical appearance, but you cannot go wrong with its overall full-packed quality. It is a living proof that phones can be affordable and yet, give others a run for their money.