Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV S Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      light weight, slim, powerful processor, impressive display
    • The bad:
      this phone could have been much more than this

    Samsung have enjoyed a good percentage of the market share especially for their android phones. However, the Samsung ATIV S is a new generation smartphones that does not use android operating system but it is rather a Windows Phone.


    At a simple look of things; this is fairly a stylish phone having been made to offer both style and performance just like Galaxy S3 and other smartphones of that generation. The Samsung ATIV S is a windows 8 phone that is really impressive. The first impression that you get when you boot this phone is amazing and you wouldn’t want to leave it for a second. This phone has got so many features and its hardware is unique and the phone is generally easy to use. At first sight or first touch there are some very obvious features or specifications that you wouldn’t fail to notice. First of all, it is the extraordinary light weight of the phone. This is makes it easier to handle and use.


    However, even before you notice the light weight of the phone, you would definitely not fail to notice the intriguing look of this phone. The phone is very attractive and anyone would love to have it just by the looks. Unlike many Windows Phones, the Samsung ATIV S has SD support which is a big plus for it. The Samsung ATIV S is a flagship Windows Phone for Samsung. Moreover, this is a breath of fresh air from the overwhelming force from the Nokia Lumia brands of Windows Phones. This is a high end device that brings about a new look and feel in the Windows Phone generation. This is certainly a great phone but Samsung have fallen short of advertising it the way it deserves.


    The phone has not been given enough attention as there are even very few versions of these phones in the market today. The smartphone would have been much bigger and better only if it would have been well advertised and taken more serious. Nonetheless, when we go back to the specs and features of the phone; the Samsung ATIV S looks very similar to the Galaxy S3. However, this phone is more stylish with the metallic look rather than the hairline finish of the Galaxy S3. This also offers a difference from the other much colourful Widows phones from HTC and Nokia. When you compare the screen size of this phone with other Windows Phones, this phone has a large screen of about 4.8 inches in size. However, it is very important noting once again that this Windows Phone is very light and incredibly thin. It only weighs 135 grams and a width of 8.7mm.


    When compared to the Nokia Lumia 920, there is a very big contrast in terms of weight and thickness. This Phone is a top notch Windows Phone that wouldn’t disappoint you. The display it offers is perfect for any phone user as we are talking of HD 1280X720 displays. The phone is powered by 1.5GHz dual core CPU that is more than enough for any task that you will be performing with the phone. The cameras are also very powerful and impressive as it has a 1.9MP front camera and a very powerful 8.0MP rear camera. Generally this is an amazing phone.

  • Product description
    • The Samsung ATIV S is manufactured by Samsung and was added in December 2014 in the Smartphones section
    • This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5