Samsung 550P5C-S03AU i7-3610QM

Samsung 550P5C-S03AU i7-3610QM

Samsung 550P5C-S03AU i7-3610QM Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Beautiful screen, Absolute good condition, Amazing performance
    • The bad:
      Limited installed games only

    Samsung Series 5 550P5C S03 is built for speed whether you’re creating or editing information, enjoying the latest multimedia entertainment or staying in touch; it gets things done fast with the blistering processing power of the latest 3rd generation Intel Core 17 Quad Core processor technology. It comes to you with a realistic sense surround sound through powerful JBL stereo speakers, with a Max Bass Boost Subwoofer, from one of the most popular and respected audio brands in the world. It provides an exceptional sound experience with clearer, richer sound, deeper bass and greater tone articulation.


    Every photo, video, website and document looks stunning with a brilliant HD+ (1600 x900) super bright screen that provides the sharpest images, boldest colors and smoothest video playback. Your eyes will also feel less tired as it’s up to 40% brighter (300 nit) and anti-reflective, so you can see everything clearly even under bright lights.


    A lack of storage space can really hamper your ability to get things done and your enjoyment! With a massive Hard Disk Drive (HDD) up to 1000 GB you can store a huge number of files around 125 DVD’s, 75,000 photos or 25,000 songs. So you will never need to be without all of your favorite music, pictures and movies. A high quality, island-type keyboard features an easy to use layout, with the numeric keypad, direction arrows and direction function keys all clearly separated. So they’re easier to access and use, meaning that you make fewer mistakes when controlling your notebook or inputting numbers and data.


    The customers are generally satisfied with this type of laptop. They were amazed at the speed and efficiency of laptop. Other purchasers said that this laptop is one of a kind since they found it has the lowest price bearing with it. There are those customers who were so much impressed about the performance of this laptop for a couple of months now. This laptop’s prestige look is amazing as it is the first one that they bought. Samsung 550 S03 graphic card is in the higher end and really plays pretty much all current games. They said that this is another great product of Samsung.


    The other users are thinking of buying this laptop but they are worried that the cpu/gpu throttling will ruin their ability to play games on. Samsung has the better value according to others. There were some users who said that they were extremely happy when they were browsing games, and doing a video conversation. There were those that commented on the good looking screen of this laptop. They said that S03 screen is much better than S02. As far as other comments are concerned, they found out that the laptop does not have an mSATA (basically a small slot to install a certain type of SSD). They just assume that it’s SATA 3 as it is a new i7 chipset. There are those who said that when they have got this laptop there were no scratches or fingerprints.

  • Product description
    • The Samsung 550P5C-S03AU i7-3610QM is manufactured by Samsung and was added in December 2014 in the Laptops section
    • This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5