Razer Nostromo

Razer Nostromo

Razer Nostromo Review

  • 4.4 / 5
    • The good:
      Functional, Distinct, Versatile, Comfortable, Backlit Keypad
    • The bad:
      Lacks responsiveness, Not sensitive enough, Bad Execution

    The Razer Nostromo paves the way by creating the exemplary keypad that is made to function through its most distinct and versatile way. Although it is not to say that this keyboard has got it all. It actually has a specific functionality. And yet that is the beauty of it the Razer Nostromo specifically works as a gaming keypad.


    It makes any game more exciting through the precision it has that is just beyond enthralling. Sensitivity wise, the Razer Nostromo is one of the most responsive and intuitive gaming keyboards there is. It allows any gaming enthusiast to feel as comfortable as can be while allowing their performance or their gaming techniques to be nowhere near lame or boring.


    What’s actually grotesque about this gaming keypad is it has been highly integrated to have the attributes which classify a real modern device. It has the adjustable soft touch wrist pad feature that promotes the overall comfort for the palm and the wrist while playing. One other great thing about the Nostromo is how there is the backlit keyboards which makes it real wonderful to play with even in the dark. Therefore, even if you are in the dark, you can play as long as you want. Just don’t even think about playing without any control as you might find it very addictive.


    The software of the Razer Nostromo is improved into greater heights in order to meet the high maintenance lifestyle of the people of today. The sturdy feel that this certain keypad has is wonderful as you wouldn’t need to worry if you are using it very subtly or if you are going too far already. If you want something really distinct then you might find that it has the fully programmable software that is matched by its top quality macro system. It is so much better if it is matched by the Razer Naga. Most of those who have bought the Nostromo enjoy the fact that it is not only a gaming device but it is also pretty wonderful as it can be used to do other jobs like manipulating photos and things like that.


    This miniature device owns limitless macro lengths and even has the utter ability to store more than 20 different game profiles. But then again this peripheral is not all about the strong spots. For one, the buttons of it, though pretty responsive, has the d-pad which is kind of challenging to use but you will get the hang of it in the long run.


    Yes it was stated earlier that the Razer Nostromo is pretty quick to respond. Nevertheless some people will testify contradictory to that regard. There is quite an issue about its latency as the keystrokes and the commands sent to it tend to come later than it should have been.


    The Razer Nostromo should have been a best-seller. It has a real cheap price and it has a pretty great concept. However, the deal-breaker there is how the execution for the device kind of failed. It definitely needs work.

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