Pentax K-30 / 18-135mm Kit

Pentax K-30 / 18-135mm Kit

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    • Pentax K-30 Digital SLR Camera - Black + Pentax 18-135mm WR Lens

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  • 4.5 / 5
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      weather resistant, continuous shooting,
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      quite slow to initiate video

    The Pentax K-30 is one of the two entry DSLR class digital cameras produced by Pentax. The company describes this digital camera as a mid-level DSLR. Nonetheless, there is so much about this camera that you would be interested to know before purchasing a unit.


    Pentax is known for high quality products and once again, much is expected from the Pentax K-30. Will it be able to meet the customers’ expectations? Actually Pentax was just kidding when they describe this camera as a mid-level camera. This is because this camera has a host of features that are only found in those high-end and higher class cameras. The Pentax K-30 is very impressive in functionality and many other aspects. However, before we look at the great features that this camera has, let us first of all look at the design and general appearance. Pentax K-30 is well designed and actually quite stylish.


    The looks of the camera are quite impressive and we don’t think anyone would complain. Furthermore it is compact in design and the glossy black finish makes it very attractive. Just like many of the other Pentax cameras, the Pentax K-30 is well built and satisfactory to the customers. One of the design features is the water resistant feature. The camera is also dust proof basically meaning that it is weather sealed. With this camera, you can be able to use it at temperatures as low as 14 F. This is quite commendable meaning that the camera can be used in all-weather as well as under water. These are just some of the amazing features of the Pentax K-30 and serve as big plus for the camera.


    When it comes to performance, no one would complain. First of all, the image quality produced by Pentax K-30 is excellent. This digital camera is better than even most of the other high end digital cameras in the markets. When using this camera, you can be sure to get whatever kind of picture you desire. There would be no disappointments of any kind. The Pentax K-30 has a continuous shooting capability of up to six frames per second. The coverage of the viewfinder is a hundred percent. The shutter has a maximum speed of 1/6000 of a second. This camera uses an APS-C sized sensor and offers a resolution of 16.3 megapixels.


    Nonetheless, the manufacturer ought to have done better in terms of the resolution as there are other digital cameras of the same category that perform better than the Pentax K-30 in terms of resolution. The camera also produces 1080p HD video and has a three inch LCD monitor. The camera can use both the standard AA batteries and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is supplied on purchase. This is very advantageous especially if you are going outdoors and would be using the camera for very long hours. Generally, this is a good digital camera to purchase and you wouldn’t regret ever buying it. It is one of the best that you can get.