Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type Review

  • 3.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Slim And Lightweight, Solid Built, Wi-Fi, 3G Support
    • The bad:
      No GPS, Poor App Support, No Multitouch Gestures

    The new offering from Nokia is the X3-02 Touch and Type phone which dons the standard 16-button dial pad and 2.4-inch resistive QVGA touchscreen.


    The phone's keypad is atypical for a Nokia unit as the keys are laid out in 4 x 4 rows, having the star, zero and hash keys placed at the side of the 1-9 buttons. The new layout needs some getting used to, but it does not really affect the usability of this entry-level 'candy bar' style phone. The X3-02 measures 9.6mm x 106mm x 48mm, and it is a surprise how Nokia was able to squeeze in the 2.4-inch touchscreen alongside the physical keypad. The QVGA display uses a restive panel that does not allow users to have multi-touch gestures.


    Despite this downside, the touchscreen does not lag and is very responsive. Given its slim and compact size, the phone is exceptionally easy to use. Using just one hand, users can simply dial numbers to make calls, type using the physical keypad to send text messages and scroll through the other media and features of the phone. Weighing only 78g, the Nokia X3-02's framework is made of plastic with a brushed metal battery cover. Despite of the plastic material, the phone still looks and feels sturdy and of high quality.


    Beneath its plastic chassis is a quad band GSM and quad band WCDM modems (850/900/1900/2100), an internal storage of 50MB and external memory of 16GB, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1. It also has a microUSB port and Nokia charging port. Surprisingly, Nokia's Ovi Maps with free turn-by-turn navigation is not present in the X3-02. The phone has no GPS which is very disappointing. The Nokia X3-02 has a 5-megapixel rear camera with a resolution of 1944 x 2592 px. It is the same maximum resolution with Apple's iPhone 4, but it does not produce the same quality with the latter. X3-02's camera has a fixed-focus system that gives users no control over the subject of the images. The phone has no built-in flash, making the camera ineffective during night-time. Even in daylight, the images produced are grainy and riddled with chromatic aberration.


    The camera also produces out of focus photos, especially when the images are taken up close. While the phone's camera falls short in producing good images, its video feature gets to record relatively decent videos. The maximum video resolution for X3-02 is 640 x 840 px. Although the phone cannot cope with fast motion well, its ability to shoot videos and stills in greyscale, sepia and negative is a fun bonus feature. The phone also allows users to use its timer function and play with white balance. The X3-02 supports Xvid, H.263, G.264 and WMV video formats, but do not expect a clear-cut video playback. Some Xvid do not even play at all. The phone is great at playing music, though.


    Its 3.5mm headphone jack allows users to use their personal earplugs even without an adapter. It also has a slot for a 2GB memory card that can carry around 30 albums of music encoded at 160kbps. Aside from its built-in music player, the X3-02 also has an FM radio - an added feature for radio lovers. The Nokia X3-02 is a decent and affordable smartphone. It does not have a quick user interface but it has a long battery life and can perform well in making calls, sending text messages, managing emails and even surfing the web.

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    • The Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type is manufactured by Nokia and was added in December 2014 in the Mobile Phones section
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