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Nintendo Wii

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    • Wii U Console Ltd. Edition Skylanders SWAP Force Basic Set (WUPSWAAE)

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  • 4 / 5
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      sleek design, easy to use, fairly priced
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      huge power consumption, lacks HD graphics quality and surround sound effects

    The international gaming industry is currently going through a boom. With video games becoming more and more popular, gaming companies are introducing new consoles to cater the demands of avid gamers.


    The Nintendo Wii video game consoles offer a unique gaming experience by incorporating state of the art technology along with new innovations. Using these consoles you can easily have the top class motion sensitive gaming experience and can also download new games from the internet. The inbuilt SD slot allows storage and viewing of photos while the Motion Plus perfectly goes well with Netflix video streaming. The Nintendo Wii comes with all the accessories that are used to fit it with a television set.


    The console can also be mounted vertically with the help of a cradle and can be connected with the television set by composite cables. Though the highest resolution of the Wii is 480p, it is not supported by the composite cables that come with the console. You have to buy separate component cables if you want to have a high definition experience. The console is sleek in design and the dimension roughly equals to three DVD cases put together. The console can either be placed vertically with the help of plastic cradle or can be placed horizontally without affecting its performance in any way. One of the many aspects that make the Nintendo Wii a particular favorite of many is that it offers 512 Mb of internal memory to store saved games, data or to download and keep Virtual Console titles. The memory space can be easily increased by adding an external memory card to the Secure Digital card slot.


    External memory cards can be obtained easily from the market and function properly without hampering the console’s performance in any way. However, it is to be kept in mind that the slot supports memory cards with space of up to 2GB. The Wii Sports, the game that comes with Nintendo Wii offers users the opportunity to test the consoles capabilities, that also without investing in any extra game. This includes boxing, bowling, golf, tennis and baseball and supports up to four players at a time. While played on multiplayer mode this game reveals the full potential of the console and what performance it is likely to offer. In order to play face to face games like the tennis or boxing, you have to buy at least two controllers.


    Using Nintendo Wii is especially easier as it always stays connected with the internet through the WiiConnect24 service. Once the console is installed and the network settings are properly set up, the device is ready to stay online 24 hours a day. It can download system updates, game content, news and even weather reports on its own and store it in its memory. However, there are some issues that may put Nintendo Wii’s credibility to some questions. First, the console consumes a lot of battery power. Second, it also lacks the surround sound and advanced HD graphics facilities which make it a little like old age equipment.

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    1. 10 08/10/2007

      this wii is awsome so you have to buy it its really cheap