Nikon D7000 / 18-200mm VR Kit

Nikon D7000 / 18-200mm VR Kit

Nikon D7000 / 18-200mm VR Kit Review

  • 4.7 / 5
    • The good:
      Ample customization options, Durable magnesium body, Nice image quality
    • The bad:
      Heavy, Pricey, No swivel screen

    The Nikon D7000 16.2 megapixels digital SLR kit comes with 18-200mm VR II ED Nikkor lens. It also includes a16GB SD Card, a leather bag and two instructional DVDs. This camera has many customization options that serve as a challenge to new students of photography. Although Canon is considered to be user-friendly and easy to familiarize menu, this camera’s menus are more advanced than some of the cameras on the market today. However, for those who aim to go up the ladder of photography and plunge into its complexities, this Nikon kit has nice learning tools. The built-in pop-up flash of Nikon is better when it comes to metering.


    This camera decides by itself on the amount of light to release at a given setting. Even pictures taken in succession show the same brightness which other cameras could hardly do. Most of the time, photos taken in a row would show dissimilar strength of light. For indoor or any low lighted settings, D7000 is a good choice. Compared to D5100, the D7000 has a longer battery life, faster Autofocus, speedier continuous shooting with many captured images each second. If D5100 can make 4 fps, the D7000 can do 6 fps. This camera is weather-proof and water-proof. It comes with two memory card slots that allow a bigger memory storage, although, this kit doesn't include the memory cards.


    So, to lose some memory space while shooting a very important event or scene is unlikely to happen. The shutter speed is 1/8000th of a second in case you want to go out and shoot some scenes under the sun. The D7000 is one-tenth bigger and around one-third heavier than the D5100, obviously not the carry-around type of camera. The selling price is more than that of the D5100 which others find impractical especially if you just do photography for fun and not for any serious career. For the exterior, the D7000 has a strong-looking magnesium body and seal. It looks well protected from dust and water. It also feels rock-solid in one’s hands. The ML-L3 remote looks less durable and inexpensive, though. One drawback is that the screen doesn't rotate, so, it would be a little harder to take pictures over the head or waist level and also when you take some macro photos.


    This camera is loaded with an array of settings aside from the basic ones. There are a variety of Scene modes that deviate from the main settings and will definitely bring out the creativity of any serious photographer. Settings can be customized depending on the user’s preference. Settings are adjustable from the beginning; no basic profile editing is needed, this camera is certainly flexible. Overall, the Nikon D7000 16.2 megapixels DSLR kit is undeniably pricey but the features are dependable and admirable. This is a great package for learning photography beyond the beginners’ level and the image quality that it produces is surely worth the money. Although there are some who say that the pictures are soft and the results are quite inferior compared to D90, still, most users agree that it is highly recommendable both to amateurs and professionals.

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    • The Nikon D7000 / 18-200mm VR Kit is manufactured by Nikon and was added in December 2014 in the Digital Cameras section
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