Miele S5211

Miele S5211

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    • Miele Vacuum Bag Holder and Torsion Spring (6081322 and 6434090)

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  • 4 / 5
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      very easy to use, very powerful suction force, compact in design
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      short pole, quite expensive

    Most Vacuum cleaners that are available in the market today are huge, bulky and expensive. Nonetheless, the Miele S5211 is a unique kind of vacuum cleaner both in regards to its functionality and its physical size.


    There may be concerns about the relatively small size of the Miele S5211 and its performance as compared to other big vacuum cleaners. However, it is good to note that this vacuum cleaner competes favourably with its peers and is one of the best that you can buy for your home. With its small size, you can be able to squeeze into a small cupboard or a corner of your house. Quite impressively, the Miele S5211 has a 4.5 litre capacity. This means that you wouldn’t have to stop every time to empty the tank into your bin. With this average capacity tank you can use the vacuum cleaner for long hours without the need to empty to empty the tank at all times.


    Another thing that is worth noting is the 2200 watts motor that the Miele S5211 uses. This is very impressive as one cannot expect such a small vacuum cleaner to have such a powerful motor. This is a very powerful motor that is characteristic of other bigger and more powerful vacuum cleaners. This makes this cleaner one of the most powerful cleaners and among the most efficient. This vacuum cleaner comes with three different floor-heads that I found quite efficient. The three different floor-heads are to be used at different places depending on the nature of the things that you are cleaning. There is the crevice nozzle that fits in all the tiny places in your house and appliances or gadgets that you will be cleaning.


    The upholstery nozzle is to be used for sofas, mattresses and cushions. This nozzle is very efficient for such like things and it will leave them very clean. I was actually impressed with the way my Sofas were cleaning under a very short period of time. Finally there is also the dusting brush which is appropriate for delicate goods. The brush is gentle and soft and would be good for cleaning items that can easily get damaged. However, the dusting brush is not very effective for cleaning hard surfaces or areas that are very rough. The Miele S5211 has a 10metres power cable. Furthermore, this vacuum has an automatic rewind feature for its power cable.


    With the very long power cable, you wouldn’t be forced to move the power plug from place to place at all times. With the automatic rewind feature, you will be safe from dangerous power cables that lie on the floor that may make you trip and fall. The vacuum is also designed in a way that the metallic hose can swivel round 360 degrees. This makes cleaning easy and very efficient. Also notable is that the Miele S5211 uses very little power and you wouldn’t have to worry about huge power bills. All these features make it enjoyable to use the Miele S5211.