Microsoft Surface Pro 2 64GB

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 64GB

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    • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (64 GB)

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  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      HD resolution; Battery life; Thermal improvements; Windows 8.1 Pro
    • The bad:
      Heavier and thicker than competitors; No cases/protectors supplied; Low storage space

    The new Microsoft Surface Pro 2, 64 GB offers a sleek design and impressive “under the hood” aspects. The device comes equipped with Windows 8.1 Pro, the newest version of Windows software. Along with this Windows update, the Surface Pro 2 (64 GB) also comes standard with 4GB RAM and a 4th generation Intel Core i5 Processor.


    This impressive software combination is displayed across a 10.81x6.81x0.53 inch screen and weighs around two pounds. With a clear-type, complete HD display and 1920x1080 resolution the 64GB Surface Pro 2 offers impressive clarity and color.


    There have been a couple thermal improvements from the original Surface Pro to the new 64GB, Surface Pro 2. The thermal design runs much smoother and quieter than the original version of this product. The fans do not spin up as often in the Surface Pro 2 (64 GB) as compared to the Surface Pro and the fans also spin much quieter, almost unnoticeable. There is also an impressive and adjustable backlight for the keys on the keyboard so you can clearly see the keys 24/7.


    Along with these impressive qualities, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, 64 GB series amped up the quality of battery life as well. The battery life has improved substantially due to the new Haswell chips under the hood of this device. When powered on, but not in use, the battery of the Surface Pro 2 will last you 7-15 days. Even if you were to use the device for extended periods of time, every single day, it would take an excessive amount of use to get this battery to drain quickly.


    Unfortunately, not everything about this new laptop/tablet was impressive. Since the 64 GB, Surface Pro 2 weighs around two pounds, the device is heavier than several of its competitors. The Surface Pro 2 is also thicker than several of its rivals, making a little irritating to hold for periods of time (when using the tablet form). However, in terms of a laptop, this lightweight design is perfect so it really depends on which way you plan to use this device. For those who require a lot of storage, the 64GB version may not be enough for you but for the average user, this is plenty. Also, the 64GB Surface Pro 2 does not come with a keyboard cover, which is essentially a must have for all avid laptop users. This accessory must be purchased separately along with any of cases and protectors you may require.