Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010

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Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Powerful, efficient, features many time saving functions
    • The bad:
      Takes a bit of getting used to

    Productivity is very important in the office as you want something that can keep up with your workload. That is what Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010. It features an array of professional level applications that will help you get the most of your productivity. Despite the recent explosion of much simpler and bare bones kind of similar applications, Office Home & Business 2010 is still offers the best for your work, personal and school needs.


    There are many reasons why people should have Home and Business 2010 in their computers. Yes, there are other productivity apps that are as good, much more accessible and simpler to use. However, Microsoft Office is what we can call the standard for productivity applications and it has managed to catch up with the times.


    Users of Microsoft Office will feel that the Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 is different from past versions as it is. It features a lot of new time saving functions and the beauty of this program is that there is no need to have conversion tools in order to read new file types. It may take a bit of learning for previous users of Microsoft Office as Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 noting similar to previous Office versions. Unlike previous Office versions, Home and Business 2010 feature the Ribbon as the preferred method in which to access the programs in Office.


    Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 still features such programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher among others. The difference between this program from the previous one is that you can collaborate and share your work via the web in such applications like SkyDrive. Other new features are being able to set permissions to lock down changes made in your documents, pass word protected documents, invincible digital signature, user restrictions and that you can take a small sneak peak when editing a work before doing it to see if it looks good on your document.


    It is quick to install and now has a sort of a main interface where you get to choose which application to use, sharing function, check for compatibility to previous Office versions among others. Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 also now has simple editing tools for video and pictures which are handy when doing PowerPoint projects or other applications like Word. This feature is intuitive, easy to use and very much useful as this tool includes features like effects, triggers and fades. Using this feature eliminates the use of a separate editing program for your audio and video as you can do that right using Office Home and Business 2010.


    Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 makes it much more faster, convenient and efficient to create documents, presentations, emails and more. It offers a better way of editing multimedia content and making it easier for collaboration to the internet.