Intel SSD 330 Series 120GB SATA 6Gb/s 25nm MLC

Intel SSD 330 Series 120GB SATA 6Gb/s 25nm MLC

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    • Intel 120GB 330Series SSD (SSDSC2CT120A3K5)

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      Fast installation, Reliable features, Excellent performance
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      Incompatible drive bracket

    The Intel SSD 330 Series 120 GB is a solid state drive which is 2.5” in size and is considered as one of the most affordable drive these days. It is highly recommended by most of the users who have never had a problem with this Intel drive. There is no BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), no freezing, no big issues and has a quite comparable performance with the pricier drives out there.


    The SSD 330 Series 120 GB is a very nice upgrade for an old laptop. However, it seems that it doesn’t really work with some of the Macbook. With Macbook Pro 13”, there were reports of incompatibility. It worked for a few seconds then it went dead. It is advised to check the compatibility before buying this drive and spare yourself from the long process of returning or refunding.


    A lot of people who used to complain about the slowness of their computer stopped complaining after installing this SSD. It involves some expense but the trouble and the cost involve in buying a new computer or a new laptop is definitely more. Some users even bought more than one of this drive because of its quality performance.


    This SSD is somewhat a replacement for the 320 series, but this 330, however, is surprisingly cheaper. This is also almost similar with the 520 except that this 330 uses the less expensive Multi-level cell (MLC) NAND that probably made this 330 drive cheaper than the 520 and 320 drives. Compared to other drives on the market, this 330 is actually the second to the lowest in price if not the lowest. But with all the unexpected price cuts going on these days, other drives will surely have comparable prices unexpectedly.


    It takes less than one hour to complete the installation which includes loading the Operating System, updating the Windows and transferring the files from the old drive. The booting up time is a little more than ten seconds, to browse is a lot quicker and the game loading is twenty percent less than the typical time.


    What is quite noticeable is the decrease in the processor’s temperature. Definitely there is an obvious improvement in the coolness of the computer. Since this drive is making the whole system to work fast, it takes less time doing things in the computer and saved time can be used doing other things in the house and giving the hardworking computer a time to rest.


    Gaming is nicer to do with this SSD and because of speed enjoyment; some find it hard to stop. The read and write time is increased dramatically. One drawback is the incompatibility of the drive bracket that comes with the SSD. The drive bracket doesn’t fit the standard spacing for 3.5” drive. This means an additional expense of around ten dollars and a few days of waiting for the delivery of the mount bracket.


    Overall, the Intel SSD 330 Series 120 GB has won a lot of fans and almost no haters. With its speedy performance and features dependability, it has become one of the favorites. The price is irresistible especially with some of the price cuts that are offered by the company and online markets these highly technical days. This drive is in a great price.