Intel Core i7-3770K

Intel Core i7-3770K

Intel Core i7-3770K Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Fantastic overall performance, Much improved graphics
    • The bad:
      Not games worthy, Not a big step forward

    Intel Core i7 3770K is the quickest of the new breed and likely to be the fastest CPU in the whole world. For the beginners, this still has four cores and it’s not clocked any higher than the 2700K nor does it have any additional cache memory. All of which is odd when you consider it sports Intel’s sparkling new 22nm process and thus 3D Tri-gate transistors. You might think the shrink from 32nm to 22nm would allow for a couple cores or some clock-speed, yet basically not. Now known as HD Graphics 4000, it gets an extra four execution units for a grand total of 16 along with Direct X11 support. The minor revisions Intel has applied to the four cores release some extra performance.


    In terms of the CPU side of things it is largely the same design based on 22nm technology. This is a ground for hoping that the Intel i7 3770K could be a bit of an over clocking beast. It has added support for dynamic frequency adjustment from the Windows desktop. That’s handy, both for making over-clocking and for allowing you to set clock-speeds based on application type. As for the graphics side even with a third more execution units and a few other tweaks, real gamers will start to plug in a proper graphics card. The new HD graphics 4000 core is more of interest for laptop PCs that rely on integrated graphics. The Z77 chipset is built for the Ivy Bridge line up and supports performance tuning to go along with the K-SKU processors. Ivy bridge is a new process on a slightly tweak architecture and carries with it a risk of lower yields. A new management engine firmware is used with the 7 Series chipsets, with Intel Extreme Tuning as a supplementary feature. DDR3 speeds of up to 1600MHz are officially supported while motherboard manufacturers are listing speeds of up to 2666MHz (OC).


    Connectivity to and through the Z77 PCH is through DMI (Direct Media Interface) 2.0 and FDI (Flexible Display Interface) pathways that carry both data and the integrated graphics information. It has sent out a package that includes the Intel Extreme DZ77GA-70 motherboard and 3rd generation Core i7 3770K processor to see just what Intel has to offer the mainstream user and enthusiast with the drop to a 22nm process and the introduction of its latest chipset motherboard.


    Most owners of this chip could usually get a Z77 which is featured at a reasonable price. Some of the purchasers highly recommend air-cooling. They can use the heat-sink included with most retail processors at first and then upgrade to an aftermarket heat-sink if they over-clock beyond the retail’s limit. In their opinion, almost any case with one or two 120mm fans is suitable for almost any build. Others said that this product is very informative, accurately post-covering the current and the previous general CPUS and new chipsets. Some of the enthusiastic buyers usually failed to see the incomplete performance of HD 4000.

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    • The Intel Core i7-3770K is manufactured by Intel and was added in December 2014 in the Processor (Intel, AMD) section
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