HP ENVY Pro Ultrabook i5-3317U B8Z01PA

HP ENVY Pro Ultrabook i5-3317U B8Z01PA

HP ENVY Pro Ultrabook i5-3317U B8Z01PA Price

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HP ENVY Pro Ultrabook i5-3317U B8Z01PA Review

  • 5.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Top Performance, Advanced Features, Great Connectivity, Remarkable Visuals, Looks Good
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    The HP Envy Pro is the UltraBook i5-3317U B8Z01PA which has a slightly different taste from those other versions with superbly slim body. This features the candid Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit which is known for delivering the precise and top quality performance. It has the 4G DDR3 Memory which is also known for bringing out the best in the system of the UltraBook. Internally, the HP Envy Pro B8Z01PA has integrated the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 and the RTL8111. This is matched by the digital technology it has such as the HP Multi-Format Digital Reader Slot and the HP TrueVision Webcam which ensure the visual clarity and exquisite quality of the Envy Pro.


    Physically, the full-sized dura-coat keyboard gives this UltraBook a very sophisticated and highly useful appearance. Imagine being matched by its HP Imagepad ClickPad that also has the absolutely advanced multi touch gestures feature. If you are the type who is just too late to do everything one by one and wants something that can help you with that, the HP Envy Pro UltraBook will help you. Although it is not as stunning or as sophisticated as you probably imagined for something manufactured by the HP, you will still love the simplicity and yet appealing quality of this one.


    The battery life is not that bad. It is actually not bad at all with its 8 hours of life span. Maybe you could go beyond that if you are not the heavy work type of user. They say that this laptop may neither be considered as a gaming nor an office laptop. It may probably fit the bill of those versatile laptops that perform well no matter where you put it to.


    That is purely because if you just look at it operating system alone, you will know that it is not just another mediocre or entry-level portable computer. This actually has tons of video memory which makes it a point to let you have fun and be entertained through its incredible multimedia and gaming. All of which, are experienced with the right amount of speed and does not even get you to slow down or wait.


    The audio and the visuals are made to have the same frequency so that it can cope up with all the movies or the music that the consumer wants to throw at it. The connectivity it provides you with is actually pretty impressive as it is complete with the RJ-45, HDMI, headphone jack and the other USB ports.


    What’s to love about it is the fact that even if you use it for more than you should have, it does not overheat on you. It actually has the adjustable notebook temperature wherein you get like a VIP treatment to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


    It’s true that it may not have the most advanced Intel Core but the i5-3317U is not worst at all. It is actually one of the frontrunners out there. All in all, there is really not much to say about the HP aside from the fact that if you treat it right, it will impress you with how well it can do. Really, why not envy it?

  • Product description
    • The HP ENVY Pro Ultrabook i5-3317U B8Z01PA is manufactured by HP and was added in December 2014 in the Laptops section
    • This product has a rating of 5.0 out of 5
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